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  1. jjcard41

    WANTED New Stihl 441

    Hello all. Looking for a NIB 441. Well…doesn’t have to be in the box. Please let me know if you or someone you know may be looking to part with one. Thank you!
  2. B

    STIHL Iso 044 fuel tank assembly

    Looking for a fuel tank assembly for my 044 Had a log fall on it early this week. Facebook group guys said to check here
  3. Crocky28

    SELLING Brand New Husqvarna 272xp

    Hello all, Brand new in the box Husqvarna 272xp with manual and tools. I have 2 of these available. They’re $850 plus shipping, powerhead only. PayPal F&F. If you have any questions please ask. Apart from “where did I get them from”, because I’m not giving up my supplier 😂 These are stock...
  4. Wilhelm

    Maruyama Manuals & IPL's - Official webpage

    Looking for cross reference IPL's of chainsaws branded forth and back between Dolmar/Makita/Maruyama I came across Maruyama's official download page and thought someone here might find it useful. Good luck finding what You are looking for! :) Official download page...
  5. RoyleRobinWood1

    SELLING Stihl 046 magnum $900

    Hi , I don't want to sell my baby and it hurts to make this ad allot. But here it goes .... my stihl 046 Magnum for $900 . Everything is oem and in excellent working order. She may have a little what looks like rags on , but she's in love with eating hardwood ! I am very meticulous and after...
  6. Ethobling

    Chainsaw Mill Upgrade

    Hey folks. Hope you are well. I have a question, but first, a small amount of info on where I'm at... Recently, I purchased an Alaskan Sawmill (36") and a 462 for milling my own lumber. I didn't want to shell out the cash for a bandsaw sawmill, especially seeing how many are on backorder for...
  7. stuking94

    Help needed - McCulloch saw identification

    Hi, I just picked up this old McCulloch chainsaw for £30 not expecting it to run but thought it would be cool to add to the collection. Am I right in saying it's a Pro mac 610? Thanks.
  8. waldorbigbill

    Question from a non chainsaw using person.

    I'm sure I will get eaten up for asking this but hey I'm a noob and you admit it. So knowing nothing you have to start somewhere. I was on Reddit and met a member from here over there and he recommended coming here because there are a lot of great folks who are mostly Profesionales or long-time...
  9. D

    Electric chainsaws safer?

    Hey team, Do you think battery-powered chainsaws are safer than gas chainsaws? In this article on electric chainsaws, they say "Why go electric? The reasons are simple: they’re safer..." Do you think this is true? I mostly disagree. I think they could even be considered less safe. Because...
  10. D

    What is this wood? New Zealand

    Hey guys, Any ideas on what this wood is? I'm in the South Island of New Zealand. Was pretty sure it was macrocarpa but my neighbor thinks it might be gum. Has been down for about 5 years. Using my Husqvarna 450 to slice it up!
  11. cuttinscott

    SELLING Low hour Dolmar PS540

    For sale 2004 purchased by a local farm a low hour Dolmar PS540. Excellent compression, runs great will clean up in morning and get a few pictures. 54cc has a 16" 3/8" .050" 72LG 59dr chain and nos Dolmar labeled windsor speedtip bar. Asking $249.00 Plus a ride unless local pickup. Any takers...
  12. K

    Why does my chainsaw dull so quickly?

    Why does my chainsaw dull so quickly?
  13. L

    Craftsman 358.351580 Chainsaw Carburetor Leaks

    I have tried two new carburetors and one rebuilt carburetor with a carb kit on this chainsaw. Once I place fuel in it and press the primer bulb the machine leaks fuel from the carburetor. I am not sure why this is happening. It feels like the fuel has to much pressure when leaving the tank.
  14. G

    Super wiz 80

    This was a package deal when I bought the homelite 1130g. This does run yet,it fires so there is life to be had!
  15. Carls421

    Anyone heard of a Tondu Chainsaw?

    Hi, I’m new to the forum so my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place... I’m a self employed air compressor engineer in England and for a bit of extra cash (for holidays lol) I buy, fix and maintain petrol engined garden equipment etc. Loving your forum, looks great! Hope I can help in...
  16. A

    Firewood channel.

    Hello friends, my name is Allar and i have a CAD :D Thought i'd share my channel with ya'll, nothing fancy just some basic firewood stuff. Mostly felling, limbing, bucking, hauling etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tE83xwuRK5HMmeghmVZLA
  17. S

    Battery vs. gas powered chainsaws. What is the future?

    Hey guys, I’m student and currently writing my master thesis about the future development of chainsaws and trends in forestry. And I need you as regular users of chainsaws to help me with it! Since my personal knowledge about this topic is limited, I am conducting a survey to identify what’s...
  18. Barn Shop

    Mcculloch Mac140 oil pump

    Info needed, I have a McCulloch Mac140 that is leaking pressure from the oil pump while performing a pressure/vac test, I know this is a diaphragm style pump operated by a crankcase pulse like the fuel pump but am unsure if there should be a pressure leak from the pump. I would think this would...
  19. Kensie1988

    PAST Louisiana Forest Festival April 27, 2019

    I am posting this here to try and drum up competitors for our chainsaw competitions. The competitions this year are April 27th, so a little over a month away. The classes are: Stock Appearing 3 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 4 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 5 Cubic Inch or Under...
  20. WoodsliverDan

    The new 90cc class makita

    Where's the new 90cc class dolmar/makita? Keep hearing both ways from respectable sources.. so what's the deal?