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Songs and Poems About Firewood...

Brush Ape

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Jan 9, 2016
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Metropolis, Il
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I love my saws
I love my truck
I love my wife
she likes ducks.....

Firewood is the best dang stuff. I'm a little over-enthusiastic for a guy that has been in it up to his elbows for over thirty years. Reckon a guy never tires of it. Can you relate? I laid an idea on my buddy awhile back. He writes songs, plays drums and guitar. I play guitar and write songs. We just like normal everyday stuff and celebrating that since we were/are kids....

Matt did the drums, made the riff, wrote the words about stuff I do and did the rhythm guitar on the left channel. I played the right rhythm and put in the lead guitar. This is just a rough mix but it was alot of fun during the last big snow.

Wood Heat Warrior, by Tango With The Beast, Metropolis, Illinois

Backyard Lumberjack

NICE work.
Expected: banjo & foot stompin'
Got: head bangin'
Oooooooohhhh Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!

I was looking for a do-whop sound... had to turn that stuff off! 3rd chord set...i'd rather listen to a ported saw with gutted muf... and no ear plugs than that... tin can band sound!

> This is just a rough mix but it was alot of fun during the last big snow.

too ruff for me! with the intro poem (of sorts) I thot it was going to be a lullaby! ;)


big t double

You can call me Teddy Eastwood.....
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Jan 1, 2016
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nice cut...I dig the reversed drums around the 1 minute mark. :dancer2: