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SELLING Lincoln Invertec SST II MIG welder

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Bill G

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Mar 14, 2017
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I have a Lincoln Invertec SST II welder and feeder that needs a home better suited for the machine capabilities. This is a high end unit that is in all honesty was too high end and Lincoln no longer sells it here in the USA but still does in Europe. It lists for around $11,000 which is NUTS!!!!! I bought it from a GM engineer who (bought????) several of them from a GM plant in Detroit. He said they were all in production and replaced with new machines. It has a the feeder but does not have a whip or flowmeter. I understand it not having the flowmeter as I work in a heavy industrial plant where our welders are all connected to hard lines. As for the whip I am assuming GM kept those for other machines.. I checked and you can get Lincoln brand ones or aftermarket ones. I have a steel stand that goes with it if you want it.

Now you have to be asking why am I selling it. If I was you I sure would be. I have been around welding most of my life. I was a welding teacher for many years then worked as a weld inspector. In all those years I have never seen a quality welder that you could not run on single phase. Yes they are sold as 3 phase but when you open the buss you jumper across and run them on single. I bought this as 3 phase but assumed it was the same as all others I have dealt with. Well you know what happens when we assume...... I have talked with product specialists at Lincoln and they say it is dedicated 3 phase only. I find that odd.

I have a rotary 3 phase converters that I have ran tools on in the past but never a welder. I joined WeldingWeb and asked about other experiences using a phase converter and was treated horribly by many. I thought a community of welders would actually have a bit more experience in the issue as many of us do not live in town!

In any event I would like to just find a new home for this machine. I can shipped it crated via Fastenal to about the eastern 2/3rds of the USA. For some reason Fastenal does not allow me to ship to the western zone. I will tell you shipping via Fastenal is as cheap as it gets.

PLEASE do not let the new BS price of $11,000 scare you off. I am not looking for anywhere close to that. I do not know what a fair price is so I am open to a reasonable offer. How about we say $1500? I do not know. I was watching a Miller 252 on a local online auction here. I predicted it to go $2800 and it sold for $4200 plus $420 buyers fee for a total of $4620. Now that was a sweet welder!!! It was way over new price though.

I will try to attach pics in a separate post