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SOLD Foredom Right Angle (RA) Handpieces 1/8 shank burrs

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Aug 31, 2022
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The contra angle handpiece better fits a gap in the market as it's smaller and able to get into small chainsaw cylinders better than other handpieces available on the market, plus it can do larger saws if you are not doing a large volume of them. Even if someone has other RA handpieces the one I make would still be useful to them. Since I make the adapters I don't have to deal with quality issues that I was having with imported ones. The heads are light duty but they are cheap enough to be disposable (~$17), you should never have a problem with the adapter I make (if you do contact me and I'll replace/repair it for free). They are a 1:1 ratio head so they spin faster than the 182MC with a ratio of 4:3.

The china RA in this thread is a bit larger than than the industry standard CC 182MC and is subsequently more cumbersome to use. It has a larger gear reduction 0f 2:1 which hinders it's performance and I was seeing many quality issues with them. If you get a good one they are pretty durable, maybe the bearings will eventually go but they are replicable, but I've had them come missing a tooth on the ring gear.

Since the china ones are available elsewhere I decided not to import and modify any more as the quality issues where eating into any profits I could make. Also interest in them dried up as most everyone who was dabbling in porting got one. If there is a large interest in them I could try my luck with them again but I would like to avoid sitting on inventory of these.

Yes, I just sold out on the contra angles on my website. I have plenty of the handpieces made, I'm waiting on more of the carbide burrs to complete the kits. I will be another 2-3 weeks for my custom order to be completed.
Thanks for your reply. Send me an email when your kit stock comes in as I would like to order a kit.