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Bar ID driver length

Discussion in 'Just Chains' started by Homemade, Apr 27, 2020.

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    I chucked up a die grinder adapter with a 3” cut off wheel into a drill press and set the table to run the bar right in the center of the groove. It didn’t work to bad, but the drill press I was using didn’t have much power so I had to go slow.

    Then I decided to chuck up the same cut off wheel into my hand held router. It had the power but hard to keep flat with out a steady hand. I was also trying to go from .050 to .063 with a junk bar just to try it out.

    Much easier to buy a forester bar in .063 20” with a 3/8 tip and just swapping the tip out.

    I had extra 20” bars in .050 3/8 so I thought this a possibility to convert a bar to .063 but not so much. I know .404 in .058 does come up on eBay once in a while so I’ll just wait for that.

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