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  • Hello, Will I 550 Mark II piston and cylinder fit a 550 Mark 1 case?
    I’m not certain. Never tried. Post a thread in the chainsaw section and someone will know
    Hello huskihl
    Do you know what the distance is for the connecting rod center to center distance on a Husqvarna 357 xp saw? Thank you, Jeff
    No sir. And I don’t have a spare crank to measure one for you
    Hi, new to this site and not sure I am going about this the right way. I have a Husky 395xp that I am thinking about having modded and I live in Michigan and see you do as well. Are you currently taking work?
    Hello,I have a 372xp I want to convert to heated handles. Is there a complete OEM kit available to do this? If so,where do I get it and how much is it?
    Hey I have a ms460 I would like to have ported. I just got a dukes pop up piston and dual port muffler cover, but I will hold off on installing piston until I hear back from you. Also have a jonsered 2150 turbo I'd be interested in having hopped up
    I have a 353 husky that I would like to hsve ported for a quick worksaw. Would buy a 346 cy/piston for it if you reccomend and are willing to do the work. This is a no hurry deal can wait all winter if need be. Matt Hale highly recomends your work.
    Good work on trouble shooting the Schrader valve issue I was having on my new 10 mm Snap on adapter.
    Thanks for your reply on my 044 project. I may well PM you sometime to ask you more about when you said "I stick a .025" feeler gauge in between when I assemble. When it gets down to that on both sided and the case isn't tight yet, I downsize accordingly. " thanks again fella :)
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