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  1. F

    ported 365 special

    hi all have been porting few husky 3 series saws,decked, machined squish,opened exhaust all run around 190 compression....have one big question for a professional porter....why after porting does the range between lean and rich drop off points (low needle) decrease.saws all run fine but am...
  2. Brown8417

    SOLD CFB ported 400

    Awesome saw, one of my favorites. Need to fund 3 other projects. So not much to say about a 400, they are incredible. I’ll have another. Can send a 20inch Oregon or 24 inch stihl E with the saw. I have been running a 24inch cannon and pulls it like butter. Only 10-15 tanks through the saw, has...
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD Mofo 361

    Saw started as a JMS saw. Was lucky enough that Al agreed to go through it. At the time he had to tig the flywheel side exhaust bolt hole and retap as it had been stripped. It has came loose once but it’s held fine for quite awhile now. Saw now has a 044 Zama carb. Choke setup isn’t as smooth as...
  4. edritchey

    MS362C Break in

    I sent my new saw to Randy to be ported and was wondering how many tanks of mix I can expect it to take for the saw to break in after I get it back? I'll be using Stihl full synthetic. Thanks for any info in advance. :D This will be my 1st. ported saw I can't wait to make some chips fly. :)
  5. quattro90

    SOLD MMWS Jonsered 2253

    FS Jonsered 2253 with the MMWS treatment. The saw has less than 1 hr of runtime according to the dealer who updated the carb software in Sping 2019.if you’re not aware of this model it’s identical to the 550xp MK1 but just in red. $750 Shipped Paypal F&F to your door if you live in EST, CST, or...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 288xp Lite + Bonus Items

    FS a very very very nice condition 288xp Lite that comes with an OEM Hi-Top and K&N filter with OEM elbow. The saw is all OEM with a new OEM piston & cylinder with mild porting. Basically removed all the casting flash to smooth out the transfers. The numbers from the factory were basically...
  7. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 395xp

    FS a very good condition 2001 model Husqvarna 395xp PHO with mild port work and muffler mod. All OEM except muffler, Meteor piston, and Caber rings. OEM full wrap with West Coast kit and front case protector. $750 Shipped PayPal F&F to those in EST, CST, MST. If in PST or outside the...
  8. sawtalk81

    friends how would you build your 064

    friends how would you build your 064 for professional logging other than the standard "woods" port? your thoughts friends
  9. hseII

    SELLING Mastermind MS661R

    Mastermind MS661R Strong Saw, but I need a Farmall so I’m selling some things & this one is 1st. Maxflow kit West Coast Dawgs $1000 pho + shipping
  10. User Name Here


    I have a Stihl 461 PHO ported by Mastermind Worksaws. It has an unlimited 460 coil and muffler outlet has been opened up. I'm the only owner. The saw runs great, has only been used for firewood - probably 6-7 cords of run time since new. I don't have compression reading but am posting piston...
  11. Kensie1988

    SOLD Mike Lee PHO 2165/2171 Dominant Piston

    So this is a really great Saw and it’s mostly just been sitting since I got it, I’ve only run it a few times. As I collect more and more saws I look around at all the other stuff sitting and since I have another ported Saw I felt like I would pass this one along to someone who would get more out...
  12. Armbru84

    SOLD Ported 254

    Have a ported 254. Port work done by Zoo City Saws. It's a runner...just have to many saws in this size. Everything works as it should. I was just running a 16" 3/8 setup on it but also ran a 20" before. PHO or we can work out a deal on bar and chain combo. 500 plus the ride from 49345. PayPal...
  13. Gravitas

    SELLING Makin' Space, Husky Evictions..ALL SOLD

    Too many fuggin' saws. Paypal F&F(preferred) or Goods and Services if you want to spend an extra 3%. Postal M.O., personal check if you care to wait, cash if picked up, whatever, I'm flexible. My no interest payment plan goes something like this, I don't charge any interest, you plan to pay...
  14. Jon1212

    SOLD ZCS 372XP-W

    I have had this saw for over two years, and it has always been a flawless performer. Unfortunately, I have let my CAD get out of control recently, which has necessitated the selling off of a few of the more popular models I own. Compression is just under 185#, but I am residing at 4700' in...
  15. tree monkey

    ported 288 husky for a guy named sue

    hope he likes it
  16. michaelmj11

    M-tronic's & ported/modded, muffler/carb mods, etc.

    The only thread that showed up when I did a search was one or two posts in "Clint's Hybrid"..... so: How does m-tronic's affect porting/modding, and visa versa? #1.) If the muffler is the only thing modded? #2.) If the only thing done was removing catheters? #3.) If the carb is the only...
  17. tree monkey

    my 2153

    i'm trying to rebuild this build thread from AS hope this goes better then my first attempt I will be as detailed as possible. the saw is a new in the box 2153 deluxe. (heated handles) so we start by...
  18. michaelmj11

    Warranty (builders) for a Ported saw

    I posted this question in another thread, one that is already WAY too long, and understand completely how it got overlooked, but thought it worth addressing on its own merit. Would love to hear from all the saw porters. I believe I saw the list as: mastermind, jmssaws, mdavlee, tree monkey...
  19. Redbull661

    Tree Monkey 661

    ...down at Tree Monkey's trying out the latest tweaks on my 661 Scott is doing for me. Stock 661 41" bar .404 RS full comp 118dl (Times are in the title of vid.)
  20. Grute

    Mean 026

    I am new here and wanted to share an 026 that was built up for me by Al (drf255). I approached him about building me an 026 or 260 that could work harder than the Little saw in its stock form. As an arborist, I rely on good equipment that does its work with ease and hopefully also leaves me...