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  1. T

    Help, Mcculloch identification

    Anyone on here very familiar with these style Mccullochs, wodnering if someone could tell me what model saw this is, I think it may be a 740, possibly an 890. I couldn’t find a serial tag on it anywhere. Does anyone know if there should be one and where would it be? Thanks in advance!
  2. jason689

    Saw collection

    Have a couple of my jonsereds missing right now. This is pretty much all the soldiers in one pic,Is there anything I should add to the collection. Before someone says some more stihl’s, just know that I am a collector of fine art.
  3. stuking94

    Help needed - McCulloch saw identification

    Hi, I just picked up this old McCulloch chainsaw for £30 not expecting it to run but thought it would be cool to add to the collection. Am I right in saying it's a Pro mac 610? Thanks.
  4. jacob j.

    SOLD McCulloch Super Pro 125c

    Hi Guys - Due to some significant recent family issues, I'm gonna be selling off some saws. First up is this very nice, fully rebuilt Mac SP-125c. The "C" designates a chrome-bore motor. This started life as a box of nice parts I got from a member here years ago. One very lucky find on this was...
  5. slackinoff

    Pro Mac 60

    Anyone have a service manual and owners manual for the Pro Mac 60? Thanks! I've got one coming that I will be working on. Pretty excited!
  6. jacob j.

    Product Review - Traverse Creek replacement intake boots for McCulloch

    Hello Men - A long time and well-respected member sent me a couple of replacement (re-pop) intake boots to try that fit the McCulloch CP-125, SP-105, SP-125, and SP-125c. These intake boots will be available from The Duke© on the Traverse Creek website. First off, rubber parts on these old...
  7. Armbru84

    SOLD Mint 797 Mac

    Bought this off a fellow member earlier this year. It’s a beauty...no doubt there. Believe it was restored by Lee Ha several years back. I ran the saw a few times and it runs/like as it should. I had an issue starting it with the primer setup...I just put a little fuel in the carb and it took...
  8. DavidP71801

    Need help identifying NOS muffler Homelite? McCullough?

    This muffler was on a pallet of NOS parts I recently acquired there were McCullough, Homelite, Partner, Poulan, Pioneer, Shindawia, Echo, and Husqvarna parts so it could be any of them just wanted to see if anyone has seen one. I was thinking McCullough like maybe a cp125 or sp125 based on the...
  9. N

    WANTED Mini Mac 6 parts needed doing restore

    I'm looking to restore a Mini Mac 6 that my family left for me. It appears to have been dropped and broke the handle and oiler piston rod. The Walbro MDC needs to be freshed up after checking it out. Does someone here have a selection of the parts below to assist with this effort. Everything in...
  10. jacob j.

    WANTED McCulloch 125 parts

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for more Mac 125 parts - namely a couple cranks, ignitions, and one thick starter shroud. Very generous members have already stepped up and helped me out on my quest to restore the old saws my dad, uncle, and grandpa had and I really appreciate it. I have rebuilt modern...
  11. jacob j.

    WANTED Wide McCulloch SP-125 handlebar

    Hey guys - I'm looking for another one of the wide McCulloch Super Pro 125 handles. I'm going to build a hybridized SP-125 gear-drive saw of some sort later this winter. I have tons of Mac saw and kart stuff to trade. Thanks!
  12. Barn Shop

    Mcculloch Mac140 oil pump

    Info needed, I have a McCulloch Mac140 that is leaking pressure from the oil pump while performing a pressure/vac test, I know this is a diaphragm style pump operated by a crankcase pulse like the fuel pump but am unsure if there should be a pressure leak from the pump. I would think this would...
  13. FLchainsawJoe

    WANTED American muscle saw 100cc+

    Have owned many muscle saws but still no American made ones. Interested in Mcculloch 797 and CP/SP125 or Homelites like the 750. No gear drive though. Looking for speed (rpm). Let me know what you have?
  14. Alaskanrocket

    WANTED Mcculloch 790,795,797 Parts

    Hey Guys, I have a Mcculloch 790 that had sat on the ground far too long and I am in need of a Lower handle section and an upper handle section, which I believe includes the gas tank as well, the inner recoil assy for a right hand and a coil. I'm a buyer not a looker so if you have anything let...
  15. hseII

    SOLD McCulloch PM800

    McCulloch Pro Mac 800 I got from Mark H. earlier this year. This is a very Nice saw that he freshed up. - a new piston -It has a printed sawdust screen -the handle is taped up where the foam was torn up a bit. Comes with the used but fair black labeled McCulloch 33”/ 106dl bar with a new...
  16. Kensie1988

    SOLD Pro Mac 805 Project $160 shipped

    I have decided to sell this project 805 I have, Cosmetically the saw looks pretty good, it got a scored piston early on in its life I guess. I know that some of the vibe mounts need to be replaced as well as probably some fasteners. I dont have much experience with the value of the Macs not...
  17. D

    Mculloch Mini Mac 6 Rebuild

    Well, after getting my Stihl 026 into good running condition, I'm ready to start on my second saw. My wife and I picked this up at an auction last year for $6. It wasn't running, so I tore it to pieces and found that the fuel line was completely split in two. Then I boxed it up and haven't...
  18. Kensie1988


    So to keep from people asking about saws that have already sold I marked the old thread as sold and starting this one with all fresh pictures of his current inventory. Again if you see anything of interest to please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  19. jacob j.

    WANTED Big Alpina saws, McCulloch Promac 72 (Italian made)

    Hey Guys- I'm looking for more larger Alpina chainsaws and newer Alpinas. I'm also looking for a decent McCulloch Promac 72, which is a newer Italian made model. I have cash and also recently rebuilt Husqvarna 3120 and 385 saws to trade. Pictures coming soon of both.
  20. F

    McCulloch Model 47 Help

    I recently purchased a McCulloch model 47 chainsaw and I am trying to get it running. I was able to take the bowl off and clean out the varnish. I am wondering how I would take the carburetor out to clean. I cannot find any directions online. I am new to McCulloch's so any directions with...