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  1. slackinoff

    Issues with new Walbro HD-12B EPA

    *Moderators - this might be more appropriate in the clone section, feel free to move pls* Does anyone know if the Walbro HD-12B "EPA" has any differences from the non EPA version besides the limiting screws? This carb will not fully lean out, even with the high jet fully closed up (limiting...
  2. Brown8417

    SOLD Husaqvarna 246

    I have a super clean near mint 246 looking to trade for a OE 372 or OE 346 must be in good condition. This is a full OEM stock saw. A powerhead for powerhead swap. This saw has very little time on it. Maybe no interest, will sell if no trade comes about.
  3. ManiacalMark

    FOUND IT 372 crank

    Junk bearing, broken rod, decent shape,it doesn’t matter. Crank I have now is slightly out of true on the clutch side.
  4. jacob j.

    SOLD Husqvarna 372 OE

    Hi Guys - I'm letting loose of a few saws I don't have time or room for - First up is a Husky 372 OE that I rebuilt a couple years ago. I split the case and installed new Nachi bearings and OEM seals + gaskets. I used a new OEM top end (71cc) that I got from a member here who is a dealer (it...
  5. BonScott46

    2018 372xp OE coil limited?

    Just picked up a new 372OE that has a blue coil stamped 2018 PN 586 88 03-04. Is this coil limited? I can't seem to find any info on it except a listing on Ebay that says it is 372 specific. Thanks.
  6. M

    WANTED Husqvarna 372xp - new or immaculate

    Hi there, I've just missed out on a really nice 372xp over here, which I'm *s-wordty about as I've been trying to get hold of one for about 4 years. So I figured I'd see if you guys can send one over to me. Needs to be non xtorq. Powerhead only preferred just due to shipping really. Only...
  7. Kensie1988

    WANTED Jonsered 2171/372xp crank

    So I am rebuilding a 2171 from a busted up saw I got relatively cheap from ebay, the plan is to put the 75cc top end on it and then I plan to have it ported afterwards. I dont have a whole lot of experience gauging wear on a crank, so I was thinking I might just buy one that is good from...
  8. Gravitas

    SELLING Makin' Space, Husky Evictions..ALL SOLD

    Too many fuggin' saws. Paypal F&F(preferred) or Goods and Services if you want to spend an extra 3%. Postal M.O., personal check if you care to wait, cash if picked up, whatever, I'm flexible. My no interest payment plan goes something like this, I don't charge any interest, you plan to pay...
  9. jacob j.

    SOLD A couple of Husqvarnas...395XP and 75cc 372XP...

    Hey guys- I'm going to start moving some saws here. First up I have a nice pair- a 75cc 372 and a 395XP, both freshly rebuilt just before Christmas. The 372 is one I got as a project from a smashed saw. I bought the carcass locally and a lot of the parts came from buys from members here...