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SELLING Used Timberwolf TW-6

Discussion in 'Other Power Equipment (Not Tools)' started by Crane, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Aug 23, 2016
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    This unit is sold, thanks.
    This is Timberwolf's "Top of the Line" splitter, the Timberwolf TW-6;

    New 12/2014, one owner; indoor kept w/heat; 70 hr/meter; big Honda electric start twin; Mobil 1 synthetic; 5" x 24" x 3 1/2" cylinder; 20 gal. hydraulic tank, 5 gal. gas tank; log lift; hydraulic adjustable height four-way wedge; out-feed table; and hydraulic dump valve giving a very respectable cycle time.

    Larger engine, larger cylinder, larger hydraulic tank, larger gas tank, larger foot print, 525 pounds heavier, and 20% faster than the TW-5.

    Lift-off four-way wedge has been modified, to optimize one man operation, keeping large split rounds from falling on ground, and large pieces needing resplit from getting behind the wedge and prematurely on the out-feed table. Simply more ergonomic, less effort, no lifting huge chunks back around the wedge, as shown in the photo sequence. Split with four-way in lowered position; raise four-way leaving pieces on top, re-splitting lower pieces if necessary; pull top two pieces to horizontal log lift and beam using pulp hook; lower four-way and re-split; lift four-way to pull lower pieces back for re-splitting; lower four-way; repeat.

    This is a beautiful machine to use and I would love to keep it. However, my supply of large logs faltered, and the machine got only occasional use this past year as indicated on the hour meter. I have resumed processing smaller logs which I presently do mostly with a kinetic splitter. The selling of the TW-6 would help me move into a small processor, sooner rather than later. (If you don't like idea of a modification, it is a lift-off attachment, in no way connected to the machine. It is otherwise a completely stock unit, except for the Mobil 1, and paste wax.)

    Price: $9,000.
    Contact info:
    IMG_1528.jpg IMG_1529.jpg IMG_1522.jpg IMG_1523.jpg
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