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T540xp MK2 ported by Mark @Crocky28 - C&S Custom Saws

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T540xp MK2 ported by Mark @Crocky28 - C&S Custom Saws

Very hard testing spring/fall 2023. About 10 cords of wood with about 9 to 10 gallons of fuel, two SP21 chains, one nano chain used. I stopped measuring after a full and proper break in and after AT threw in the towel and released her to her full potential. 7 year hard seasoned knotty ugly wood, 32:1 synthetic, non-ethanol fuel. 1st 6L of fuel, proper break in, after which the hard and extreme testing began.

1. Project 10/10
Had a nice chat with Mark, we agreed on a price, build, saw usage, delivery date, and expectations from the build.

2. Communication 10/10
All emails and PMs answered promptly. Delivery date was set 4 to 5 months out, on the 2nd week of month #4 Mark reached out and stated the saw would be ready month #5, well within delivery time frame.

3. Shipping 10/10
Month #5 rolled around, week # 3 saw was ready, provided destination address, had a shipping quote the same day, paid my shipping ride, next day received my tracking number. Saw was packaged very well for the international ride, express shipping with Mark’s preferred shipper, saw shows up 3 days later at my front door. Nothing broken or missing, all extras were promptly packaged with the saw.

4. Break in 10/10
I have my own procedure where I start very light, as the tanks pile on we open up the chain to be more aggressive, start finding the bigger logs with extended runs, lower the rakers a bit more and have that happy balance of a self-feeding hungry chain without binding up the saw or kickback. Engine seated very nicely, gaining more efficiency resulting in that nice thump thump when pulling her stone cold.
043 59dl round chain, nano and SP21 mix, hand filed 3/16, 11/64 half way to end life.

5 Post break-in 10/10
Onto the larger logs we went, full tank of cutting before shutting down and refueling, entire 59dl bar lost in the hard knotty 7 year dry hard logs, touch ups after each refuel. Saw gained more efficiency as the engine seated further and AT found the correct WOT/ hard use tune. Top angle laid back more to attack the hard dry fibers. Maybe 1-2 second break when finishing a 20” buck, nice four stroke at the end of each cut at WOT with lighter load.

Then into storage she went, big smile on my face, knowing well we would resume in the fall.
Fall comes around, she fires right up, 2nd pull after 6 months of dry storage, mixed with fuel stabilizer.
AT retuned itself to the fall temps and we continued our hard testing.

Had some fall brush clearing projects, 1 to 3 inch sticks with lots and lots of idle combined with part to half throttle mixed in with my regular seasoned hard wood cutting, she performed flawlessly, no high running idle or no bogs when coming out of extended idle, very responsive to WOT bursts when needed.

Noodling hard 20” logs for lighter splitter work no problem, no hesitation, plenty of power.

5 year dry healthy plum and apple stumps (the hardest wood in my area) about 3ft above ground with a 10” diameter where the stock Husky 55 would have problems biting in, cookie cutting both stumps on a very aggressive chain, almost lost the saw from my hands at one point, no hesitation, beautiful chips. I had the chaps and vest on this one to take advantage of nature’s vice and go all out on the power potential of this saw.

Nothing that I could throw at the saw with the 59DL bar/chain would slow her down one bit. Part throttle operation from 20% to 70% to WOT bursts transitions very nicely, no hesitation when torturing the saw at part/mid throttle, power band does not allow the saw to fall flat and stall out under heavy load with the entire bar engaged. Pushing hard on a fully sharpened fully self-feeding chain in part throttle makes no difference, saw maintains its RPMs and engages the load very nicely.

The entire project 10/10
A ported saw should:
1. Start stone cold extremely easily: 2-3 pulls for me.
2. Restart mild to hot extremely easily: 1-2 pulls for me.
3. Have flawless operation part, mid, and full throttle without any hesitation, bog, or high idle.
4. Have that split second WOT power when needed coming out of extensive part and mid throttle cuts, or extensive idle.
5. Work in all climatic conditions (35f – 95F me), no vapor locks or start/re-start issues.
6. Assembled for flawless operations without any problems post port/build.

Mark @Crocky28 did an excellent job, and delivered in all aspects of the build.

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