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Dec 23, 2015
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I've been in touch off and on with a gentleman for a couple of months now.
He told me and sent me some photos of what he had, and that he would throw a couple of saws in the truck and come see me when the weather got better.
200 mile round trip for him and his friend to my house. He and his friend looked around my shop and told tales of logging back in the day. When all said in done it was like negotiating with the guys on the shark tank.
But myself not being a beginner at bargaining we managed to strike a deal and both were happy. None of these saws are froze up and all look complete with all badging. My Mono collection has climbed up to 7 now and I'm up to 2 on the 2 man saws. My Cad disorder is out of control so please no good deals for a couple of months.
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