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Definitive Dave
Dec 28, 2015
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Central Ohio
Chainsaw parts merchant and developer

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Definitive Dave

Piss Rev Mafia Member, Male, from Central Ohio

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send me a PM for fastest response, i never read profile posts Jan 28, 2021

    1. Baldy
      Hey Dave do you still have a wisco piston for a 288. and do they do a pop up version thanks matt
    2. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      send me a PM for fastest response, i never read profile posts
    3. Logsdendave
      Hi Dave, I’m interested in getting a price on a cannon duralite 36” .63 .404 bar for Stihl 661
      And a loop or two of Stihl rs full comp chisel chain for same. Round or square
    4. Timberwerks
      Hi Dave, I'm interested in a 66" Cannon Sawmiller with 2, G1-S1 bushings. Can you give me a price and availability? Thanks
    5. sawracr
      Hey Dave, Jon Rupley here I'am looking for 090 race Pistons got any or know where I could get some?
    6. Terrence Jefferson
      Terrence Jefferson
      Hello Dave I'm trying to build a saw to take to some local fairs and was sent to you for a piston. I'm building a husky 372xp and was going with a machined 268 piston but was told a weisco from you was better. Do you have a website I could order parts from? This is my first saw build and I'm quite new to all of this and I'm still learning. Thank you
    7. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      out in the ether looking for rare chainsaws and whatnot
    8. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Caught him red handed buying pigs and other pig stuff. He’s guilty.
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    9. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Makin' Haste, Layin' Waste
    10. MattG
      Thanks for the rep re. the spacer, will message you if I get stuck.
    11. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      saw racing wannabe
      1. TreeLife likes this.
    12. flhx
      Good morning Dave, Jeff AKA RI Chevy suggested I reach out to you. I recently obtained a MS440 (90 PIS compression.) I'm looking for a OEM cylinder overhaul kit, and an OEM Walbro carb. or carb. overhaul kit.

      Thank you
    13. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Now with 31% less suck
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    14. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      practicing missing the turf
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    15. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Just waiting on the playoff committee
    16. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      loathing TTUN, Go Bucks!!
    17. BedfordT
      was referred to you for a vstack? i have a 029 i would like to attach a kn filter. do you have something like that?
    18. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      the best cookies are either warm chocolate chip or square poplar
      1. Cut4fun
        Best cookie is a complete cookie.
        Oct 27, 2016
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    19. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      a few saws for sale in my profile
    20. dannyupsolate
      help dave I broke the oil cap on my farmertec 029 case. nothing else will work. I can order from your website if I had a part number.
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    Home Page:
    Central Ohio
    Chainsaw parts merchant and developer
    We stock and sell all of the following brands -
    Angry Elf, Caber Rings, Cannon Duralite, Milling and Superbars, CCC Racing Pistons and Parts, Crankworks, Cross Performance, Danzco/6K Products, OEM Echo, Farmertec, Glock37 Parts, OEM Husqvarna, Hyway, OEM Makita/Dolmar, Meteor Pistons and Cylinders, Millenium Plating, Monster Spikes, New West Products (NWP), Oregon, Red97 Deflectors, OEM STIHL, Tillotson Carburetors, Tillotson Racing, Tygon, US Chrome, Walbro, Wiseco, Zama.

    We recommend:
    Glock37 powdercoating and restorations
    Homelite410 sharpening vises and adapters
    Mattyo crankcase assembly tools


    "In 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER." - Mark Twain​

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