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SOLD Husqvarna 242XPG 1996 m.y.

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Jan 12, 2021
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1996 Husky 242xpg for sale. Everybody knows what these saws are so I'll let the images speak for themselves.... 15,500RPM 10.3'ishLBS and 3.1HP are the highlights. Not quite pristine but I cleaned her up as best I could and I feel it shows well enough to display in your collection, or, in turn, not feel badly about taking it into the woods.

I got this particular saw as part of a multi-242 deal in which I rebuilt and pieced together what I could in order to arrive with good working cleaned saleable units. This 1996 is the cream of the crop and what I had kept for my personal collection. As is the case with most people who collect, I never actually use this chainsaw and truth-be-told I would like to get some money for it to fund future project I have in mind. This 242 is marketed on the enthusiast forums because I feel they are the most appropriate place to showcase her and my best opportunity for a reasonable sale.

As I said I do consider this 242xpg as rebuilt:
-Piston is NEW aftermarket from the reproductions Little Red Barn did, and the ring is 42mm Caber.
-Flywheel-side crank seal is New, and PTO-side is integral to the bearing
-Flywheel-side bearing is New, and PTO-side is good used (obviously, because they are NLA)
-Carb is rebuilt with new diaphragms and valves
-pressure and vacuum tests are to spec
-compression representative of seating a new ring (still should be broken in a bit)

I am also including a pretty good kit of spare parts to help keep this saw running for a long time. Of note are a couple brand-new flywheel-side bearings and seals, and a few other bits that are No-Longer-Available.

It's a tight little unit and really runs quite well... I don't know what else to say. Being a later model it does have the clutch-engaged oil pump so as a benefit it won't puke oil all over everything while it sits and idles.

I'm a bit torn about selling this saw, I'm attached to it and really proud to keep one in my collection, but I also would like to move into 5-series (autotune) Husqvarna project saws. So yeah, I'm open to questions and also for neysayers I have sold one of my other 242's via "that other place". Maybe s.v.k. would chime in to vouch for me. I know I'm in Canada and I know that sucks for us all, and in order to shoulder some of that "burden" I'll split the shipping cost with the buyer. Shipping is the past is usually about $60.

I'm asking $400 for the saw and parts. I have more pictures if required. Thank you



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Feb 2, 2019
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Please somebody buy this. I'm getting weaker? and weaker.
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