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  1. S&S_Work_Saws

    SELLING Husqvarna parts lot, sell or trade

    Anyone have any interest in this stuff. I also have a bucket of small parts that goes with it and several top ends. It's all mostly 385/390xp. There is I believe one 576xp, and a set of 371/372xp cases and a gas tank. I try not to mess with husky but got a bunch in a deal. I'd trade for stihl or...
  2. quattro.pilot

    SOLD Husqvarna 242XPG 1996 m.y.

    1996 Husky 242xpg for sale. Everybody knows what these saws are so I'll let the images speak for themselves.... 15,500RPM 10.3'ishLBS and 3.1HP are the highlights. Not quite pristine but I cleaned her up as best I could and I feel it shows well enough to display in your collection, or, in turn...
  3. Huskyslinger

    SELLING Husky 288 parts

    As you can seen in pics three covers. One complete but jb welded. Other is worn through. Third has spring in it. I think that is a bar cover for that series? Shoot me a pm with offer.
  4. F

    WANTED Husky 285CD, Ignition Coil

    I am yust looking for an Ignition Coil with Bosch-Nr. 2 207 031 145 Shipping to Germany What's Your price
  5. exCanuck

    SOLD Almost New Husqvarna 3120XP

    DESCRIPTION: Used only 2 hours, it's still basically new! It's one of the most powerful chainsaws in the world, meant for extreme logging, portable saw mills, and stump work. You can run bars up to six feet! YOURS FOR JUST $1325 including bar and chain, not including shipping. This beast's...
  6. Sleeper

    SOLD 51/55 Husky saws, one 50

    Sold pending local buyer. 11 saws total. Most parts are there.
  7. Beavis331

    WANTED 395xp Flywheel

    looking for a flywheel for a 395xp! Whatcha got?


    I joined OPE a couple weeks ago after seeing Chainsaw Jim's 357XP Hybrid Build, & thought WOW I need to follow up on this Build. It stared last Fall when I'd Purchased a J-red 2159 with a new OEM Top for my midsize saw. When I got it back to the shop to investigate it further I'd realized the...
  9. H

    Husqvarna 445 won't stay running

    Got my 445 pinched in a tree trunk and after finally wrestling it loose it only runs for a second and quits. Starts right up every time but won't run. Quits before I can get my hand on the throttle. Any ideas?
  10. GCJenks204

    SOLD D009 Tsumura Bars

    I am putting up two Tsumura made bars. First is a 20" 72DL 3/8 .050 gauge Total branded reduced weight bar. Second is a 16" 60DL 3/8 .050 gauge Jonsered branded RSN bar. Neither have touched wood, the Total has been mounted. As I have put my 562XP up for sale I won't be needed these bars...
  11. Locust Cutter

    Husqvarna 36

    Anyone in here have any experience with a Husky 36? Picture for reference: My Step-F.I.L. has an old one with a new bar/chain 16" x ? (the bar wasn't marked with what gauge or pitch it is) that will run on a prime but won't stay running and offered it to me along with 3 welded steel (heavy...
  12. Craig Mccrodden

    Picked up a clean Husky cheap Muffler question?

    Got this Husky 141 for $30. Super clean with, of course fuel lines crumbled inside of the tank. Owner either barely used it or take extremely good care of it. I've research and found that modding the muffler will turn this little saw up a notch(not much). I can't find pictures nor a step by...
  13. Craig Mccrodden

    HUSQVARNA Husky141

    I have the opportunity to get a husky 141 in pretty good shape. I've done some searches and some say it has a great power/weight ratio, while others kick it down because it is an orange Poulan saw. I'm here to learn, so any input is appreciated. Thanks Craig
  14. exCanuck

    If I Win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP on Friday, I Will...

    If I win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP this Friday, I am going to give it to the chain build off winner at http://chainsawrepair.createaforum.com/ when that's done. Oh wait, I am not allowed to win the FREE Husqvarna 550XP this Friday. What will YOU do if you win it?
  15. Wolverine

    Husqvarna oiler mod

    Back story... bought my tree five seven new 2010. Cut 7-10 cord per season and ever since new I always felt the oiler was stingy. With it turned up to the max and the bar oil holes slightly enlarged I always used about 1/2 tank of oil per tank of gas. Well after a little research and some help...