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A Husqvarna 572 & Demonstration Of What Water Does To Fuel Filters & How the saw reacts


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Jan 25, 2017
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My work saws live in my truck, this 572 hasn't been away from the truck and work since I built it , same as the 585 and g395. 565 has been in the truck since summer. The humidity changes , temp changes etc. do funny things to power equipment.

So my 572 ( 562 as well ) started this funky momentary "bog" then back cutting and little bog again, cycling though what seemed like a fuel starvation issue..... then it would just sit and idle like nothing was wrong. Most carb saws would just bog under full throttle and it would be clear what the issue was....but not these, they try to flex around them. So here is a video where I am running the 572 as it begins to get to that fuel restricted situation. IF you can hear it, it's masked pretty well. BUT knowing my saw, brought it back to the shop to pick it over....here is the result & then how it sounds after. Why watch this? So if u have a Autotune or M-Tronic that's presenting this way, folks don't go off the "Autotune" or M-Tronic deep end and over analyze this stuff. :) They are just saws, and because they have that feature can present a little different to the same issues any saw can have.