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  1. slackinoff

    SELLING O-Rings & Oil Pump X-Rings - For Husqvarna & Jonsered

    Hi! Thanks for looking, prices are at the bottom. These are all Buna-N products, the o-rings, x-rings, and double lipped crank seals. I personally have had great luck with them on my saws and are very high quality. I have three kits available. See below in bold. Also take a look at the pics of...
  2. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 009/011 oil pump diaphragm

    Hi Guys - A buddy of mine needs a new diaphragm for the oil pump on his 009/011. I gave away all my 009/011 stuff a long time ago. So if someone has a spare, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. A

    064 Oil Pump Replacement - fragile hose

    I've just replaced the oil pump on a friends 064 AV after the old one had seized (also taking the worm gear with it.) It's all working well–my first time running an 064–man, what a beast. Anyway, the new (AU$140) OEM oil pump came with a straight piece of hose already attached but it seemed...
  4. Barn Shop

    Mcculloch Mac140 oil pump

    Info needed, I have a McCulloch Mac140 that is leaking pressure from the oil pump while performing a pressure/vac test, I know this is a diaphragm style pump operated by a crankcase pulse like the fuel pump but am unsure if there should be a pressure leak from the pump. I would think this would...
  5. stevegodseyjr

    WANTED Stihl 441 HO oil pump

    Looking for 441 HO oil pump. The one I have is junk and needs replacing. Let me know Steve
  6. WoodsliverDan

    Dolmar/makita 7900 oiler mod

    I've got an idea to help the 7900 saws get a bit more oil on the chain, or at least make the adjuster screw last a little longer. Most have seen @jar944 oiler screw he turned out of 6160, but I realize that it is out of many people's resources. So, I plan to remove the end nub off of the plastic...
  7. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 3120 oil pump

    Hey guys- I'm building up a saw for a buddy and need a 3120 oil pump. I have cash or trade. thanks!