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  1. stuking94

    Homelite XL or Super XL

    Hi, I'm looking at this Homelite XL chainsaw I know there was a lot of variations of this saw am I right in saying this is a super XL because the oil fill in on the top? Thanks.
  2. Maintenance Chief

    Xl-15 Homelite

    Basically looking for a diagram of the gear drive unit and clutch assembly.
  3. B

    SOLD Homelite XL 12 and Super XL with bow bar, both run

    The XL 12 has a regular (looks like 16 inch) bar. The Super XL has the large bow bar. Very cool vintage saws with mostly metal (not today's plastic) components. They have manual oilers. The XL 12 runs great with no issues. The Super XL has new gas lines and runs well but seems to leak a little...
  4. DavidP71801

    Need help identifying NOS muffler Homelite? McCullough?

    This muffler was on a pallet of NOS parts I recently acquired there were McCullough, Homelite, Partner, Poulan, Pioneer, Shindawia, Echo, and Husqvarna parts so it could be any of them just wanted to see if anyone has seen one. I was thinking McCullough like maybe a cp125 or sp125 based on the...
  5. G

    Stihl 075 av find

    Went On lunch break and this sat out at a sale ! So I bought it !.. getting closer to a mill saw I've been looking for!
  6. G

    Super wiz 80

    This was a package deal when I bought the homelite 1130g. This does run yet,it fires so there is life to be had!
  7. G

    Homelite super 1130g

    New find ! Looks great for the age ,it runs and has a 3' bar ...HEAVY
  8. H

    HOMELITE Anyone know how to hot rod a 1950 zip

    I got an old zip I've used for awhile it's kinda wore out any one know any good ideas and making a little hot rod out of it already having a buddy make a custom exhaust but is it safe to bore it out and before anyone starts nagging about ruining it people told me to do the same thing to a 89...
  9. FLchainsawJoe

    WANTED American muscle saw 100cc+

    Have owned many muscle saws but still no American made ones. Interested in Mcculloch 797 and CP/SP125 or Homelites like the 750. No gear drive though. Looking for speed (rpm). Let me know what you have?
  10. Kensie1988

    SELLING Various chainsaws for sale

    Red - Pending payment/Sold Blue - Pending (Someone asked for shipping but hasn't committed) I have a few chainsaws I would like to get rid of. I have my eye on a saw I would like to purchase so I am trying to liquidate some of my collection I don't use anymore. All of the prices listed below do...
  11. breese

    Homelite EZ - 1958 100% Rebuild

    This last June I came home from Tennessee with my grandfathers other chainsaw. A 1958 Homelite EZ. Like so many other things of my grandfathers, he ran it into the ground and when he could do nothing else with it, put it aside and got a new one... This saw has been sitting for God knows how...
  12. Kensie1988

    SOLD Homelite XL Brushcutter - Update Price Added

    Ken has this really clean Homelite Brushcutter he would like to sell, I know it's not a chainsaw but it uses the XL powerhead so I figured I would list it here. He is currently taking offers and all *serious* offers will be considered, shoot me a message if interested, at some point I will...
  13. Kensie1988


    So to keep from people asking about saws that have already sold I marked the old thread as sold and starting this one with all fresh pictures of his current inventory. Again if you see anything of interest to please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  14. Kensie1988

    SELLING Vintage Homelite Part Saws

    Ken has some Homelite part saws he is trying to get rid of, some in the picture may actually be runners, but most are part saws. The saws as he told me from left to right: 7-19's, A couple Buzz's in the middle and all the ones on the right are gear drives.
  15. Kensie1988

    SOLD Misc Vintage saws

    Ken has sorted through a lot of his saws, he has then laid out on the floor, too many to really list so if you see something that interests you shoot me a PM, thanks!
  16. Kensie1988

    SELLING Reduced - Homelite 770-D $150 + Ride

    Here is another vintage Homelite, it's a 770-D, it will fire on prime, but it hasn't been gone through, he is selling it as is. It's in pretty good shape considering it's age, but no where near as nice as the 775-G, he would like to get $200 + the ride for it, more pictures can be attained on...
  17. Kensie1988

    WANTED Homelite 340 Parts

    im needing some parts for a Homelite 340, if you have any please let me know, a Solo 647 or 654 would also be welcome as they are almost identical!
  18. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Good running Homelite EZ

    I'm looking for a good running Homelite EZ, it doesn't have to be pretty because me and my buddies are going to have a mod off in the sub 40cc category, so it can't be a Super EZ as it is a little too large. Thanks!
  19. Kensie1988

    SOLD Homelite 775-G

    I have this listed on another site but it isn't seeing much I interest so I'm listing it here as well. It is a real good buddy of mine that is selling it and I'm helping him with a few of his Saw. But this one is a Homelite 775-G with origional paint, it was stored in a horse barn for who knows...
  20. Kensie1988

    WANTED C-7/71 C-9/91

    Im not sure really how much I'm willing to spend, I guess it just depends on condition, but I got my C-5 running and got to put it in some wood this weekend and fell in love with this series so I am looking to finish the set.