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  1. Wilhelm

    Maruyama Manuals & IPL's - Official webpage

    Looking for cross reference IPL's of chainsaws branded forth and back between Dolmar/Makita/Maruyama I came across Maruyama's official download page and thought someone here might find it useful. Good luck finding what You are looking for! :) Official download page...
  2. W

    Dolmar 143 Service Manual needed

    Bought a Sachs Dolmar 143 at auction, non- runner. Going to try to bring it back to life. Need a Service Manual. Any out there? Thanks.
  3. cuttinscott

    SELLING Low hour Dolmar PS540

    For sale 2004 purchased by a local farm a low hour Dolmar PS540. Excellent compression, runs great will clean up in morning and get a few pictures. 54cc has a 16" 3/8" .050" 72LG 59dr chain and nos Dolmar labeled windsor speedtip bar. Asking $249.00 Plus a ride unless local pickup. Any takers...
  4. B

    SELLING Dolmar Ps9010

    Dolmar Ps9010 For sale. Great running saw. Very well kept. Recoil is broken on top missing a small piece, does not affect the performance at all. Saw comes with a brand new bar and chain, near new recoil and some decals if you choose to put them on. Paint missing in some spots and lightly faded...
  5. Armbru84

    SOLD Ported 6400/7910 w heat $800

    Have a very nice 6400 with a 7910 top end on it. Woods port that runs very well. Dave ran it last year in the 7910 build off and it was 4th out of 10 in that class...solid saw all around. saw has a 272 unlimited coil, gutted muffler, and the heated handles etc. all in all the saw is in very...
  6. morefirewood

    FOUND IT Makita/dolmar 64xx/79xx

    Looking for a complete project saw or a runner. Makita colors preferred but not a deal breaker. Thanks for looking
  7. Kensie1988

    WANTED Dolmar/Makita 64xx/79xx builder

    Wanting a builder saw, I have a good used 7900 top end, just need a good set of cases and crank. I want to build one and port it for an event to be given away. It would help though if it had all of the covers as well.
  8. WoodsliverDan

    Dolmar/makita 7900 oiler mod

    I've got an idea to help the 7900 saws get a bit more oil on the chain, or at least make the adjuster screw last a little longer. Most have seen @jar944 oiler screw he turned out of 6160, but I realize that it is out of many people's resources. So, I plan to remove the end nub off of the plastic...
  9. WoodsliverDan

    The new 90cc class makita

    Where's the new 90cc class dolmar/makita? Keep hearing both ways from respectable sources.. so what's the deal?
  10. Wilhelm

    DOLMAR/MAKITA Dolmar/Makita User Manuals - official Makita Germany

    Owner manuals for many Dolmar , Sachs-Dolmar & Makita products. The files are in PDF format. All manuals that I checked/downloaded are in German, but I think they can still come in handy if someone is looking for specs. The manuals are sorted alphanumerical. EDIT 22.06.2024.: Makita product...
  11. 460 magnum

    FOUND IT 461 or bigger

    Looking for a 75cc+ saw or saws willing to trade a yz250f 2007. Have pictures of the bike if your interested. Pm me and we can talk more about the deal.
  12. G

    SELLING Swap New 362 for 6100

    Hi everyone, as some already know I ended up with a New Stihl 362 MT, its sitting here unused and I would like to swap for a Dolmar or Makita 6100. I suppose this offer will applay to those in my durisdiction, as complications arrise when I take a product in from outside the EU, in plain words...
  13. Wilhelm

    DOLMAR/MAKITA Dolmar/Makita IPL's - official Makita Germany

    IPL's for many Dolmar , Sachs-Dolmar & Makita products. The files are in PDF format, mostly multilingual including German, English, French & Spanish. The IPL's are sorted alphanumerical. EDIT 22.06.2024.: Makita product parts lists https://www.makita.de/explosionszeichnungen.html Dolmar...
  14. jacob j.

    WANTED Solo 665 675 or 681

    Hi guys- I'm after a stock Solo 665, 675, or 681. I have lots to trade and cash. Thanks!
  15. Wilhelm

    "Wilhelm" on YouTube - this is my channel

    Hello, my name is Wilhelm and this is my channel on YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVWMhHkLWR9OtcNk45r9KtA?itct=CAEQ8DsiEwikzNTlyIjWAhVXnRwKHUQDCVI= I like bucking, noodling and splitting firewood and as such most of my videos are related to that. I know my videos aren't anything...
  16. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Makita dcs7900

    So I thought about buying a Saw yesterday and was going to spend a decent amount of money on it and decided it just wasn't for me, but it was going to be a last hurrah before having to cut back on my buying, so I decided to get something I really want, and that's a makita dcs7900, ported or...
  17. Armbru84

    SOLD Stock Dolmar 7900 $650

    I have a nice stock Dolmar 7900 for sale. I have put 3 tanks or so though it. Everything operates as it should. Has a few small marks in the plastic where the handle is under the top cover. Nothing much but wanted to point that out. Selling PHO, $650 plus shipping. PayPal friend and family or...
  18. G

    Makita EA7900P45E Or Dolmar

    Hi everyone Looking about I can get a Makita EA7900P45E for the right money. First off, are they the same as the Dolmar in all but colour or are they a cheaper spec and build quality or are they an off shoot that differs signivigently. Am wondering if anyone is using one or has any experience...
  19. Icepick69

    SELLING Stihl Rsl 3/8 .050-.063

    We now stock stihl Rsl33 square. 3/8 .050 and 3/8 .063 full comp. And we still offer custom grinding on 3/8p, .325, 3/8 and .404. Thank you
  20. K

    SELLING John Deere cub cadet efco saws

    Have a few. Regular Efco, John Deere efco, and Cub Cadet efco. Running: X John Deere CS40 With bar and chain Sold X Efco MT-5200 I believe I have the bar and chain for this Sold Efco MT-3500 With bar and chain Not Running: X John Deere CS 36 - parts saw Sold X Cub Cadet cs5018. Runs...