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MS201T upgrade kit price hike

Definitive Dave

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Dec 28, 2015
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I have been selling this kit pretty steadily for about 6-8 months a couple a week when they are in stock.
Sold them for $123.00 shipped in the USA and includes an oem coil, carburetor and flywheel with instructions.
All partisan quibbling aside it really wakes up an older 201T to near MS200T performance. My ported 201T runs stronger but is much louder.
I just got a large shipment of parts Friday and I use the packing list/invoice to relist parts in inventory on Ebay. Imagine my surprise when the "List Price" column shows $234.14 for the MS201T kit - YIKES.

The guys are checking into it but apparently that is the real price verified with my discount through the distributer, so if you guys are looking to do this mod yourself grab a kit from your dealer before they see the price hike.