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Kohler CH270 or Brigs & Stratton 675EX


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Sep 13, 2018
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Looking for a new walk behind lawn mower.
The bad news first, am told Honda will no longer be producing Mowers
from the end of 2023 / this year, this decision was not taken today or yesterday
so I would imagine parts in stock will also have been reducing and do not want
to go down that road.

Briggs & Stratton engines are still common here, I was in one shop yesterday
looking for parts for a Quantam 675, this is the side valve version, the newer
675 is not and the shop owner who hires out mowers said they were not as good.

He said the older 675 side valve was the best of the two, so off upstairs we went
to to look for a breather seal for my own 675 which had dropped a valve seat, I
was surprised and horrified to find that he had a dozen 675 side valve engines scrapped
as we started to remove the breather covers to find me one, I had tried to order this part
but no one had it, if am not wrong Brigs & Stratton went into liquidation over 18 months ago
and may be more, thus parts are becoming a problem, my Qquantom 675 engine is about ten
years old, so one would like to get parts, but discovering that these engines dropping the valve
seats is a known issues and the parts concern I am trying to find out what engine to look for
in a new mower.

I have found mowers with the Kohler CH270, can anyone tell me if this is a reliable durable engine
and if parts are easy to get, though am in Ireland and everything is a nightmare to get here, I am concerned
about spending money on any more B&S engines and with honda bailing form the Mower market I am
not overly keen on them now either.

I hear Emack make what they term 800 series engine, never seen one, wonder if its just a rebadged Briggs,
don't like Emak anyway as their service here in Ireland is the worst service I have ever experienced, just
curious as to what their so called 800 series engine really is.

Any advise on the Kohler CH270 would be appreciated, I had an older Kohler, pre Cummings, and it was
a good one, but know nothing of the newer iterations.

Thanks for any input.

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