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  1. R

    Vintage pioneer

    Hi everyone, I've only started working on saws about a year ago. I just finished reassembly of a newer husky 440, with crank seals leaking. Still have to tune it yet. However, I've received a pioneer P21 saw from my father, that he bought new in the 70's. He said it ran the last time he used it...
  2. M

    Echo 701-SVL on eBay

    Happened across this listing and thought some of the Echo fans may be interested. Looks nice! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334011250241?hash=item4dc49f3641:g:DR0AAOSwqlpgqnkN
  3. Cerberus

    [album] Can't get '82 Poulan 3200 running, air/spark/fuel all OK, suspect carb...

    "TL;DR"- album below basically shows where I'm at, got spark, air and fuel as far as the carb, unit has turned-over 1 time out of many scores of attempts, fuel is all new & good and no fuel-filter in place at the moment as that was last thing I tried "crossing off the list", and it did let fuel...
  4. B

    SOLD Homelite XL 12 and Super XL with bow bar, both run

    The XL 12 has a regular (looks like 16 inch) bar. The Super XL has the large bow bar. Very cool vintage saws with mostly metal (not today's plastic) components. They have manual oilers. The XL 12 runs great with no issues. The Super XL has new gas lines and runs well but seems to leak a little...
  5. BonScott46

    Vintage Orange Jonsered XG

    Are these sought after? What is the deal with them being painted orange? Any info is appreciated.
  6. Kensie1988

    SOLD Pro Mac 805 Project $160 shipped

    I have decided to sell this project 805 I have, Cosmetically the saw looks pretty good, it got a scored piston early on in its life I guess. I know that some of the vibe mounts need to be replaced as well as probably some fasteners. I dont have much experience with the value of the Macs not...
  7. D

    SELLING Stihl S10 For sale £280 Inc. uk Delivery

    I buy fix and sell stihl tools, i prefer the old ones and this is a nice example of the Ss0, approx 58cc a nice mid range saw dating to around the mid 70s # - No damage to it, looks good, a little paint wear but it all adds to it's character. # - Has had carb ultrasonically cleaned and new carb...
  8. Kensie1988


  9. Kensie1988


    So to keep from people asking about saws that have already sold I marked the old thread as sold and starting this one with all fresh pictures of his current inventory. Again if you see anything of interest to please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  10. Kensie1988

    SOLD Misc Vintage saws

    Ken has sorted through a lot of his saws, he has then laid out on the floor, too many to really list so if you see something that interests you shoot me a PM, thanks!
  11. force10powertools

    SELLING McCulloch 300 for sale, clean(ish) original and running.

    Evening boys and girls, I've had an old McCulloch 300 come my way, I've cleaned it up a bit and chucked some fuel in it and it runs really well. I thought i'd offer it up for sale / trade here before she goes on ebay. It's got an original 24" bar and a cute old service sticker that i guess is...
  12. Kensie1988

    Budding Chainsaw Collection

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but I am really active in another forum, but I want to start building a good reputation over here also. Since collecting/overhauling chainsaws is my passion I thought I would start here by posting some saws that are part of my small and budding chainsaw...