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  1. R

    stihl trimmer KM90R 4xmix brrr no power no speed

    KM90R-Z 2006 4180-011-5310 always used stihl ultra oil, light duty at home use. I have pulled the carb and cleaned, reinstalled, still basically starts right up especially when cold with choke, but will only run for a little bit with the choke on and full trigger throttle, but rpm-wise is only...
  2. Z

    Husqvarna 128LD won’t start

    My trimmer all of the sudden sputtered out while I was using it. Couldn't get it to start after that. It would run with the choke fully open for a bit but wouldn't stay running. Here's what I've done to try and resolve the situation. Replaced spark plug replaced air filter replaced fuel filter...
  3. K

    Flywheel Magnet Colour

    Hello all, I've been offered a used flywheel for my trimmer. The original wheel's fins I broke off cause i didn't tighten a head bolt properly. :( But I see that one of the magnets on the used wheel has a blue colour. The other just has a lightly oxidized brownish appearance. Both magnet...
  4. Lightning Performance

    SELLING Stihl weed eater fuel tanks

    I know I read somewhere someone was looking for Stihl trimmer tanks. The pile awaits your requests. Must be six or more there. They came in a box. I have no clue what models they fit. Might have a pic. Will check soon.
  5. Isaac

    Stihl fs 100 rx trouble

    I have a stihl 100 rx that is running real sluggish It doesn't run rough , just slow. No matter how much line you have out or zero for that matter. It still runs like it is under a load. Not much happens when you turn the adjustment screws on the carb, if anything it gets worse. Thought it...
  6. S

    Lost in string trimmer selection process - Stihl, Echo, or ....

    I am looking for a good lightweight string trimmer for grass and light weeding around chainlink fencing, trees, metal out buildings, etc. Echo and Stihl seem to be two of the better widely available brands but, there are others probably worth strong consideration too. I am hesitant to buy from...