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  1. hacskaroly

    Husky 2100 - stripped hole, repair issue

    I purchased a full wrap handle for my 2100, when I went to install it, I found that someone before me had stripped out one of the holes on the saw body and made a plug for it (Looks like they tried to hold it in with silicone). I imagine over time with the way this think may vibrate, that the...
  2. Cobus

    Stihl Ms362

    Hey everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve been back on here so I’m hoping I’m posting in the correct spot. I have a Stihl ms 362. The saws compression wasnt in good shape, I took it apart and the plating on the intake side was completely worn off. I replaced piston and cylinder, piston rings...
  3. W

    Dolmar 143 Service Manual needed

    Bought a Sachs Dolmar 143 at auction, non- runner. Going to try to bring it back to life. Need a Service Manual. Any out there? Thanks.
  4. Master Bud II

    replacement heating Element

    I'm trying to Find out if you can get the material to Make / Repair a Heated Front handle
  5. Cerberus

    [dealer/tech-quality] Echo ppt-266(or 266H) guides/diagrams?

    While a user was generous enough to direct-message me with similar-enough Echo pole-saws, which did let me successfully complete my 'Broken-in-half 266 to working-and-stronger-than-OEM 266'(though it is like 5lbs heavier now, w/ all the excessive bracing I did to the shaft!!) \ However now...
  6. M

    Stihl TS 420 kill switch to ignition coil

    I bought a Stihl TS 420 (2014 model) from a guy that said it only needs a new ignition coil. When I opened it to inspect, yep, he was right. In fact, the ignition coil was missing. Ordered a new ignition coil and although it is aftermarket, the supplier tells me that it is the correct one. My...
  7. O

    Stihl 440 Four corner Seizure

    Hi guys! I have a question for the experts. I have a 440 that has had a few cylinder kits put on and the end result is the same, seizure. The two kits I've put on were both "Hyway Kit" the fist one was big bore and we replaced a seal when that rebuild was done. Ran 20 minutes and then seized...
  8. S

    Accidently stipped a hole in my mower block... How should I fix it?

    Hello all lawn care and landscaping friends! Was tightening my push mowers's valve cover plate, (its an OHC), and I accidently stripped one of the valve plate mounting bolt holes... Any ideas on how to fix it? Have you ever done it? Has it ever happened to you? How did you fix it? My main...
  9. czar800

    Hobby shop suggestions.

    I plan to start building a hobby shop soon.... I would like to have it under roof before winter. I'm looking for any suggestions. I'm thinking a 26x32 with 10' side walls. It will be mainly used for a hobby woodworking shop with a corner for chainsaw repair. I'm going to have 4-5 courses of...
  10. michaelmj11

    Repair Chainsaw's-Where/how did you learn? Tips for others

    Basically like the title said, who taught you how to fix them, where did you learn? Or suggestions for those who know nothing, and would like to know more.