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  1. N

    Porting 2nd 201T with newer piston.

    So I am porting my 2nd 201t saw and began with a Mastermind less is more approach (1st one I took .04 out and cut off extension). I am still going to finish this one 1st gen to see how it goes with just a wee cut and ditched gasket, transfer cleanout, ex and intake widening, but then my buddy...
  2. BuxtonSaws

    Echo 620 build

    Porting a Echo 620
  3. T

    Stihl 034 rebuild

    Just got a mint 034, I want to swap out the piston and cylinder for a 036. Which aftermarket piston and cylinder is best? Part numbers?? I plan to do a bit of porting to the new jug.
  4. Stump Shot

    Chainsaw porting thread links

    Links to porting threads in one place. Please no banter there's plenty of places for that. Feel free to post your favorite thread link. Here are some to get started. http://opeforum.com/threads/part-one-the-exhaust-port.7279/ http://opeforum.com/threads/part-two-the-intake-port.7290/...
  5. TreeLife

    60cc saw opinions

    Good evening! I work for a logging company and the saw I use currently for cutting brush, topping, felling small trees and all around work is a muffler modded 036. Now this saw is in good condition and was very lightly used before we obtained it. The owner and I are friends and we have been...
  6. michaelmj11

    M-tronic's & ported/modded, muffler/carb mods, etc.

    The only thread that showed up when I did a search was one or two posts in "Clint's Hybrid"..... so: How does m-tronic's affect porting/modding, and visa versa? #1.) If the muffler is the only thing modded? #2.) If the only thing done was removing catheters? #3.) If the carb is the only...