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  1. Hundred Acre Wood

    Oregon Speedcut NK on Stihl 034?

    I bought a 16" Oregon Speedcut narrow kerf bar (160TXLGD025) for my Stihl 034, along with some Stihl 23RSP chain that I finally found. But mounting it doesn't work because the bar doesn't secure correctly even with the nuts fully tightened. The narrow bar leaves enough slop that it wobbles...
  2. Outdoor Power Opinions

    Impact of COVID-19 on Business – Oregon would like your feedback

    Hello members of the Outdoor Power Equipment forum. I hope that your family and friends are healthy and well and that you are able to weather the current health crisis we are all dealing with. Here at Oregon we are trying to understand how the coronavirus is affecting people in the logging...
  3. Outdoor Power Opinions

    Oregon is looking for field test participants

    Oregon will be conducting a large field test for users of less than 3HP chain saws. Please take this short survey to see if you qualify for this test that will start July 2018. This brief survey should take 3-4 minutes of your time. All those selected for the test will receive free product to...
  4. Icepick69

    SELLING Presidents Day Sale!

    Presidents One Day Sale! One day only 2/20! All Cannon bars in stock 25% off regular prices. All Oregon PowerMatch and Pro-lite Bars will be at or around dealer Pricing. No online orders, must call for this one day pricing. Applies to only what's in stock. AP'S BarShop 828-676-2393
  5. G

    Which chain is easier to pull

    Hi everyone Looking at a few chains, one is the Oregon 73BPX which is Semi Chisel, it has bumper ramps, the other is the Carlton A2EP Semi Chisel which has no bumper ramps. Question is, all else being equal, does a chain with bumper ramps use more power to pull it around as opposed to a chain...
  6. 94BULLITT

    My Split Second Splitter was Delivered Today

    After a lot of thinking on what splitter I wanted to get I decided to get a Split Second. Jake at Split Second responded to my emails quickly and I talked to him on the phone one day and he knew his product. When we (my Dad is half owner) ordered it my Dad talked to Linda and he said she was...
  7. radio

    Echo Pro-Lite Bar

    I picked up an Echo cs-361p today and put about 10 minutes of time on it. Started it up and let it warm up, revved it a bit, put the tach on it to verify low and high settings, made 3 cuts into a 19" poplar that I had put on the ground yesterday. When I took the bar/chain off I noticed a...