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  1. BonScott46

    OEM Stihl 064 flywheel rough casting

    Brand new OEM 1203 flywheel, is this anything to be concerned about?
  2. BonScott46

    Price check 10mm 044 piston

    Just curious what guys are getting 10mm pistons for stateside. Tore down my 10mm to check things over and re ring and tighten the squish. Figured I would check the price on an OEM piston for *s-words and giggles, ended up being mostly *s-words....170 bucks. :( On a positive note the piston wash looked...
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460

    I just found a REALLY nice unicorn and I have decided to sell my MS460 Magnum. All OEM & very clean as I hope you can see from the pictures. PHO w/ dual spikes, roller chain catch, decomp plug, OEM HD filter and Stihl Pre-Filter band $635 includes shipping w/ insurance via FedEx Ground signature...
  4. weedkilla

    Stihl 064, 066, 660 oem vs am rebuild

    Sorry for stupid long title, I wanted something that would come up in a search easily. My first 1122 series saw landed in my lap and as you guys have just had a good play with Chinese 660 copies I thought it might be a good time to start a thread. Dotted in dozens of different threads is...
  5. Kensie1988

    WANTED New or clean used OEM 350 crank case/oil tank

    I have a husky 350 project I'm trying to bring back and I'm going to need a new oil tank/crank case and then a piston, but I can get that later. Looking for either new or used, but must be OEM
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD MS460

    Good shape MS460, all OEM as far as I can tell. Picked it up locally a few months back and have cut with it. Fires right up and runs/oils as it should. 150 compression, has the stihl OEM dogs and covers. Muffler port has been opened a little but internal baffles etc are all there. Comes with a...
  7. BonScott46

    Help with cylinder ID

    Does anybody recognize these types of cylinders? I am mainly interested in the top two cylinders. Pretty sure the one on the left is a 272xp and the one on the right is a 371(2)xp. The OEM pictures that come up for a 272 seem to have one less fin but I am no expert so I was hoping to get some...
  8. michaelmj11

    Air Filters

    Which ones are "THE Best"? Which have you tried, which of those did you like? Which ones are good under certain, possibly unusual conditions? Aftermarket vs. OEM?