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  1. Y

    MS660 Intake port

    Knowledgeable ones I am your student here. Purchased and assembled the Chinese clone MS660. I really enjoyed the build. I have a specific question concerning port timing and what to do to fix it. I mounted a degree wheel and the port opening measurements are as follows. Intake 95 degrees ABDC...
  2. JB-PlantHeirloom

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts. I saw a post asking about the quality of the latest kits. Well, I bought a clone MS-660 from someone on E-Bay. Towards the end of the two year square deal warranty it started to get very hard to start and run, so much so, I could only...
  3. Fleethirte

    WANTED Genuine STIHL piston cage for MS660 9512-003-3281

    Anyone have a piston cage bearing for a 660? Genuine STIHL 9512-003-3281
  4. J

    Thinking of modding a 066

    So I have been tinkering with the idea of taking a BB'ed 066 with popup piston and doing some more interesting modding. 1. An 070, 090 carb for saws 105cc+ 2. A reed box and custom intake (No blow back and better fuel air mix with more pressure through the transfers) 3. Opening up the ports...
  5. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 066/MS660 1122 Cylinder

    FS: Stihl 066MS660 1122 54mm cylinder "B" casting with decomp. Transfer was cleaned up but i found a few areas as seen in the pictures with pitting in the plating. I think it would make a great cylinder for a quick worksaw fix or port job experiments, or whatever else you think it can be used...
  6. N


    Still trying to do a 50:1 660 build, if I change to a oem sthil piston, pin, bearing, and a lower crank bearing, does anyone think that this would work for what sthil says should be a 50:1 saw. thanks
  7. C

    Beginner's Build ms660

    Hi guys,. I've found myself with a number of questions since beginningy first build, and rather than make a bunch of threads I thought I'd make one to pose my questions and also describe my build and the problems I've encountered from a first time builders perspective.
  8. Kensie1988

    MS660 V-Stack Conversion

    Hello everyone! I’ve acquired a MS660 and I would like to convert it over to a v-stack because I think it looks cool, I’m also going to be in the market for a 40” bar for it as well, I have plenty of saws with 36” bars so I’d like something a little bigger. Any help on this subject would be...
  9. weedkilla

    Stihl 064, 066, 660 oem vs am rebuild

    Sorry for stupid long title, I wanted something that would come up in a search easily. My first 1122 series saw landed in my lap and as you guys have just had a good play with Chinese 660 copies I thought it might be a good time to start a thread. Dotted in dozens of different threads is...
  10. Stump Shot

    Little China Girl

    This is the Official build thread for Stump Shot's FarmerTec MS 660 Class 3, named Little China Girl.
  11. Armbru84

    FOUND IT MS660 Handle

    I am in need of 2 MS660 handles. Prefer them to be OEM, don't have to be in perfect shape. Scrapes and marks are fine.