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  1. Brown8417

    SOLD Jonsered 2186

    Jonsered 2186. Got this from an OPE known Porter. Is not ported. Has all new OEM brake components, brake flag, choke lever, palm pads, trigger, trigger lock, and air filter. Also has a NOS OEM top handle, new rubber AV mounts. Works great, oils great, saw is in really really great condition. Was...
  2. Yellowking86

    Jonsered 2094

    Hi I am having some trouble with my 2094 flooding (fuel comes out muffler). I rebuilt the carb still floods out a new oem carb on it still floods checked the metering it was correct even lowered it still floods turned the h and l all the way in still floods. If I take the fuel line off it fires...
  3. jason689

    Saw collection

    Have a couple of my jonsereds missing right now. This is pretty much all the soldiers in one pic,Is there anything I should add to the collection. Before someone says some more stihl’s, just know that I am a collector of fine art.
  4. Armbru84

    SOLD Very Clean XS2095

    Very nice Jonsered 2095 for sale. Saw was built for a long bar. Kevin ported it a few years back and I left either a 36 or 42 .404 setup on it. Dual port muffler has a really nice tone to it. Pics and video to follow. $800 plus the trip PayPal f&f PHO or add 5%. Video is 42” full comp .404
  5. Maintenance Chief

    JONSERED Poulan Pro 475

    Poulan Pro 475
  6. J

    SOLD 2017 Jonsered 2260 $450 20’’ Bar & Chain

    I bought this saw as a box of parts. Apparently the pto side bearing went bad and the saw was disassembled and put in a box. That is how I bought it and that is all the history I have on it. Had dealer assemble the case with new oem bearings. Piston wasn’t great but usable. I bought a new oem...
  7. BuxtonSaws

    Jonsred 2166 build

    Porting a 2166
  8. BonScott46

    Jonsered 2071 crank compatability

    Pulled down my low hour 2071 and found this. Does the later model 372 crank swap in or do I need to change the PTO side case half as well?
  9. L

    Partner 5000 or jonsered 590 top end

    Looking for a partner 5000 or jonsered 590 closed port cylinder and piston
  10. timg

    SELLING Jonsered 490/590 Builder W/NOS Parts

    Seeing if any interest in this partial builder. The 490 chassis will need dis-assembled and bearings. There is a spare fuel tank and chainbrake with new band. Other brake has band wear. The starter has a new spring and rope. Saw has fire. It will come with a new oil pump and one worm only not...
  11. BonScott46

    Vintage Orange Jonsered XG

    Are these sought after? What is the deal with them being painted orange? Any info is appreciated.
  12. Sleeper

    SOLD 51/55 Husky saws, one 50

    Sold pending local buyer. 11 saws total. Most parts are there.
  13. Armbru84

    SOLD Hacked up Worksaw 2165/2171

    Nice Mike Lee ported 2165 with 2171 top end. Has a dominant piston and I put a tilo 296 carb off a 385/390 on it. Choke is a push instead of a pull...sure the linkage can be reversed. Saw runs great and oils well. I ran a 3/8 8 pin on it. Has a wrap etc. 630 plus shipping PayPal F&F or add 3%...
  14. Kensie1988

    WANTED Jonsered 2094/95 Saws Running or not and/or parts

    Like it says in the title, looking for Jonsered 2094/95 saw and/or parts, if you have anything please shoot me a PM.
  15. jacob j.

    WANTED Jonsered 2147 / 2152 cylinder cover

    Hey Guys- I'm looking for a decent condition 2147/2152 cylinder cover, the non-primer bulb style. I have cash or plenty to trade. Thanks much-
  16. BonScott46

    SOLD Jonsered XG (85cc) excellent condition 500USD shipped

    Jonsered XG (52mm, 85cc) in excellent condition. Same story as the XF that I posted. Piece missing from the front of the top cover near the muffler other than that in excellent condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Saw has been run more than the XF but still not much from the looks of it. Good...
  17. BonScott46

    SOLD JONSERED XF (110cc) 900USD shipped Trade for a low hour ported 346

    Jonsered XF (56mm 110cc)in excellent condition. Came from a Swedish guy that has been cleaning out his collection for several years. The pictures tell the story on condition. Paint is RED and very nice. Saw fires and idles several seconds on prime. I do not know a lot about these saws but I will...
  18. Kensie1988

    WANTED Jonsered 2171/372xp crank

    So I am rebuilding a 2171 from a busted up saw I got relatively cheap from ebay, the plan is to put the 75cc top end on it and then I plan to have it ported afterwards. I dont have a whole lot of experience gauging wear on a crank, so I was thinking I might just buy one that is good from...
  19. quattro90

    SOLD Jonsered 2065

    FS: Extremely low hour 1997 Jonsered 2065. All OEM no modifications. Has a standard 7pin PowerMate sprocket, pre-1998 EPA Zama C3M-2B carb, single felling spike, OEM muffler in perfect condition. This is a large mount saw and has the front chain tensioner which can easily be swapped to a side...
  20. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 545

    Husqvarna 545 fully rebuilt from the crank up with all NEW OEM parts. Cylinder, piston, ring, bearings, seals, case gaskets, lines, filters, clutch drum, oil worm gear, .325/7T sprocket, spark plug, etc. Pressure and vac tested 100% using OEM Husqvarna block-off plates. I have video of it...