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  1. slackinoff

    Clone Brush Cutters / String Trimmer

    I have searched on here for info on these Farmertec / Holzfforma brush cutter clones they make on the Husqvarna 143R, 541R. & 226R. Did not find any threads on them......I think those models were never offered in USA. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them, or info. Link...
  2. S

    Farmertec MS460 tuning

    I recently put a new hyway P&C in and can't seem to lean out my carb enough. I ran the saw on the original farmertec carb but had a caber ring fail that wrecked the piston and cylinder. I tried a meteor piston and cylinder first but there were issues with them the piston didn't fit in the...
  3. S

    Farmertec MS460 Build

    Im waiting on the kit to arrive in a few weeks. Has anybody built this kit im interested if there are any parts worth replacing with OEM before assembly. Thanks
  4. JB-PlantHeirloom

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts

    Visual difference between Farmertec and Stihl trigger parts. I saw a post asking about the quality of the latest kits. Well, I bought a clone MS-660 from someone on E-Bay. Towards the end of the two year square deal warranty it started to get very hard to start and run, so much so, I could only...
  5. JB-PlantHeirloom

    options and opinions on a destroyed Stihl MS251

    My new neighbor is from Myanmar and does not have a good command of the English language. That is okay, I can’t pronounce his first or last name so that makes us even :-D He decided to cut down some pine trees in his front yard and bought a brand new MS-251 Woodboss. It worked well for the...
  6. colvin

    Farmertec 440 Kit Notes and Questions

    First of all, hats off to Huztl/Farmertec for making it possible for me to get started wrenching and modding saws as a hobby without breaking the bank. Love or hate them, without them I would still be dreaming of working on saws instead of actually doing it. I put together a 660 kit in January...
  7. P

    FarmerTec 660 "Kit" - What's the latest on quality?

    Hi all- New forum member here from Georgia, US. I have on order a MS660 complete parts "kit" from Huztl/ Farmertec. It should be here in a few weeks I hope for building fun! I've spent a great deal of time watching videos of the assembly process and have learned a ton and really appreciate...
  8. Kalamojakka

    First post, first kit saw

    Hi ope people. I'm new here. I found the forum when looking for info on 660 builds. I was tickled pink upon learning of these saw kits and couldn't do other than order one forthwith. It came yesterday (9 days from huztl.net). I didn't order any other AM or OEM parts with it, thinking I'd rather...
  9. Stump Shot

    Little China Girl

    This is the Official build thread for Stump Shot's FarmerTec MS 660 Class 3, named Little China Girl.