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  1. Barn Shop

    ECHO CS-650EVL Coil Substitute

    I have an Echo CS-650EVL that dose not have spark, I've checked and tested all the obvious switch, wiring, lead,plug and gap, tried to test the coil with a multi meter whichever showed no ohms on the primary side My question is has anyone been able to retofit a coil from a series and or make...
  2. martin1b

    Echo CS310 oiler - Can it be repaired?

    I purchased a used echo cs310 with bad clutch, sprocket and bar studs. Replaced all and could not get it to oil. pulled everything off again and saw this. I forgot to take a picture prior but the worm gear was broken and stuck in the plastic housing. I tried removing as much of the charred...
  3. C

    Rim drive for Echo CS-310?

    A while back I found an Echo CS-310 at the local transfer station. It needed the usual love for a found saw, and I think it stopped running due to a plugged fuel filter. That and someone ran waste oil in it and the whole thing was filthy.... Anyway, it's going to be in need of a new sprocket...
  4. Stump Shot

    SOLD NEW Echo CS-7310 ported by XS saws. price drop, drop, drop and final drop.

    Selling a brand new Echo 7310 chainsaw ported by @huskihl Kevin of XS fame. $1,200.00 plus ship. Saw only has a few test cuts on it so no piston or air filter pics. Edit: Now $1,175.00 + ship If wanted will include B&C for shipping Edit: Now $1,150.00 + ship Edit: Now $1,125.00 + ship Same...
  5. D

    Echo CS360T

    Hi All, Does anyone have a service manual or diagram for a CS-360T. I picked one up from a kid who had taken it apart trying to fix a recoil and gave up. I have everything back together, saw fires and runs fine but I can’t figure out how to reassemble the stop switch. It’s got to be simple...
  6. Cerberus

    ['new' CS-590] Tips on what to look-for, and breaking-in, a "floor-model" new chainsaw?

    tl;dr -- bought a floor-model echo 590 from Home Depot, it looks/sounds great but before I put it to wood I want to both ask if there's *anything* I should be looking at/for on a 'floor model' and, since it's my first no-primer / with-compression-valve saw, am wondering if "break-in" procedure...
  7. M

    Echo 701-SVL on eBay

    Happened across this listing and thought some of the Echo fans may be interested. Looks nice! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334011250241?hash=item4dc49f3641:g:DR0AAOSwqlpgqnkN
  8. BuxtonSaws

    Echo 620 build

    Porting a Echo 620
  9. Cerberus

    [dealer/tech-quality] Echo ppt-266(or 266H) guides/diagrams?

    While a user was generous enough to direct-message me with similar-enough Echo pole-saws, which did let me successfully complete my 'Broken-in-half 266 to working-and-stronger-than-OEM 266'(though it is like 5lbs heavier now, w/ all the excessive bracing I did to the shaft!!) \ However now...
  10. Barn Shop

    In Need of a Service Manual for an Echo CS-650EVL

    Thanks in Advance
  11. Stump Shot

    SOLD Big Echo (soldeded)

    Up for sale is this undickered with low hour Echo CS-8000 in nice shape. PHO asking $425.00 plus shipping. This saw never had a thing wrong with it, just put fuel and oil in it is all. Starts up easy even out in the cold weather. Hate to let this saw go as it's my big saw at the moment, but...
  12. D

    WANTED Coil for echo CS-5000 and msc

    Need coil Echo cs5000. It's the one-piece style, see pic. Also fits some other models like cs4600, but must be one-piece, not the two pc with separate coil .
  13. Stump Shot

    SOLD Echo CS-341

    For sale is this very and I mean very lightly used Echo topper saw. It has the date of Dec. 2010 on it and was not used until just recently and just enough to get it dirty, still has the original bar and safety chain it came with on it. Very nice saw for an Echo collector. Asking $150.00 plus...

    SOLD ECHO CS 680

    I have a PHO for sale. Looking for $225 including the ride.I received the saw used. Issues are that when the saw runs a clatter is heard. When the saw is shook , something loose inside the muffler is heard. Pretty nice shape otherwise. Thats all I know. Thanks for looking.
  15. F

    Echo 501 muffler and carb advice

    Hello everyone, new here and first post. I bought a saw, an Echo cs501 and set about investigating the muffler, I took of the deflector and spark screen, behind it I took out a short piece of pipe that was inserted to the muffler outlet. I can look inside and see no cat or other obstructions...
  16. A

    How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw

    First off thanks for having me been lurking and finally registered! I like to piddle around with just about everything and anything! Hence I created a YouTube channel where I share my projects and ideas! Follow the link to the latest episode! This episode of American Piddler I discuss how...
  17. FLchainsawJoe

    SOLD Old post. Do not reply. Echo CS1201 116cc

    Echo CS1201 info: http://www.echotools.com/products/category_detail/id=3585 Hate to sell it but times have changed. Saw was purchased at the beginning of year from Robin on AS. Brand new in original box. Only opened to make sure saw made it to the states without damage. Asking $1950 pho plus...
  18. Mark71gtx

    WANTED Echo CS-355T parts/parts saw

    I just acquired a 355T that lost a fight with a tree. I thought it just needed a new top handle and brake handle. Turns out the fuel tank is cracked too. Would be interested in a parts saw, or a brake handle, tank housing, and top handle assembly.
  19. G

    Makita 7300 or Echo 620

    If you were to buy a 60 cc saw, would you go for the Echo 620, or for a slight increase in weight would you opt for the 7300. I realise the Echo is heavy for its cc 's, but it does seem to have torque that keeps it pulling instead of slowing down a lot, and heaver again is the 7300, but I can...
  20. Kensie1988


    So to keep from people asking about saws that have already sold I marked the old thread as sold and starting this one with all fresh pictures of his current inventory. Again if you see anything of interest to please shoot me a PM. Thanks!