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  1. jason689

    Husqvarna 288xp

    Just started a new project. Husqvarna 288xp, when I received the saw I was told that there is believed to be top end issues. I found out there is indeed topend issues the threads for the spark plug are no longer existing. Hard to tell by the picture but the spark plug just pulls right out. Gonna...
  2. jason689

    Saw collection

    Have a couple of my jonsereds missing right now. This is pretty much all the soldiers in one pic,Is there anything I should add to the collection. Before someone says some more stihl’s, just know that I am a collector of fine art.
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Husqvarna 288xp Lite + Bonus Items

    FS a very very very nice condition 288xp Lite that comes with an OEM Hi-Top and K&N filter with OEM elbow. The saw is all OEM with a new OEM piston & cylinder with mild porting. Basically removed all the casting flash to smooth out the transfers. The numbers from the factory were basically...
  4. jacob j.

    SOLD Husqvarna 288

    Hey guys - I went through and rebuilt another pretty nice 288. I got part of this project from a member here, and part of it from a local trade. This one has a new OEM piston and ring in a very nice Gen 1 Mahle cylinder (A/B piston in an "A" cylinder). It got all the other usual goodies - new...
  5. jacob j.

    WANTED Husky 181/281/288 high-top cover

    Hi Guys- This is a long shot but I'm after a high-top cover for 288. A local Arborist buddy wants me to build him a high-top saw for falling. I have cash or tons to trade. Thanks!
  6. BonScott46

    Husqvarna? Cylinder ID

    Can anyone ID the two cylinders in the front row of this picture. I can't get sizes or any more pictures from the seller unfortunately. I was guessing 2 series Husky, maybe 281 or 288 hopefully.
  7. WoodsliverDan

    288xp milling

    I have a 288xp I would like to use for milling. My current dilemma is rather I should just use 36" bar with it, which won't max out my 36" Alaskan. Or if the saw would be able to run a 42" bar which would allow me to use the full 36" of mill. I am worried I will be asking too much of the saw.. I...
  8. WoodsliverDan

    288xp fueling

    I have a anniversary edition 288xp I picked up, runs great, no issues, until it gets low on gas. I say this because when it gets down to less than 1/4 tank, the idle picks up speed, like its leaning out. The fuel filter/weight is free to move around, I've checked. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  9. WoodsliverDan

    288xp brake band

    I have a 1989 288xp with a metal brake flag. Turns out these brake bands are prone to breaking and hard to come by. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Doesn't seem to be a oem option anymore, aftermarket is fine if it's high quality. Thanks I am new to the page, and tried search...
  10. jacob j.

    SOLD Two six cubers for sale/trade- Stihl 066 and Husky 288

    Hey guys- I rebuilt two pretty nice saws - one later poly flywheel bubble-top Stihl 066 and one later Husqvarna 288. The 066 I built for an arborist buddy who ended up taking my 385. The short block I got from a member here- it was in good shape but had been hit by a tree and the tank and all...
  11. Porkgasm

    Got my 288xp NOS KS cylinder!

    So I was up late on night and saw this in eBay for $125.00 I think I got an alright price. Now do I keep it stock or port it for my 288. Seems like a shame to cut up a new cylinder. Oh well at any rate enjoy the naked too end pic. Does anyone know the going rate for these cylinders in like...
  12. XP_Slinger

    FOUND IT 288XP Full Wrap Handle

    Looking for a good condition full wrap handle for my 288. If interested I can do partial trade with my half wrap plus cash on my end or just buy it. Cash in hand
  13. XP_Slinger

    SOLD 288xp Builder

    Cases cleaned and painted ready for new bearings and seals. Would need new cylinder due to the plating chipping. Piston looks usable to me but that's your call. Needs some parts to put it together such as carb, filter elbow, air filter, grip panels, clutch cover, and a bunch of other odds and...