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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD Stihl 066

    Metal flywheel saw, dual key flywheel, ported no machine work, 150psi, almost new clutch cover and wcs dogs. No beauty pageant winner. $500 plus the ride
  2. Yellowking86

    1991 Stihl 066 Red Light project

    Found this parts lot for 200$ and had just about everything I needed to build this saw except for some hardware.
  3. Yellowking86

    1991 Stihl 066 red light wiring

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an 066 red light or a picture of a working saw
  4. Brown8417

    FOUND IT Stihl 066/660 cylinder

    Looking for a Stihl cylinder for a 066 or 660. needs to be in good shape for a Hybrid build. Thanks in advance
  5. ManiacalMark

    FOUND IT 066 Heated Full Wrap Arctic

    Looking for a good working 066 heated wrap handle, money or trade, have lots of 064/066 044/046 661 and 084 stuff for trade material.
  6. ManiacalMark

    WANTED 1122-967-1504 Tag

    Like the title says, looking for this white plastic tag for a flat top 066
  7. K

    Stihl 066 red light

    Hi guys, i have a question regarding the early Stihl 066 red light. My handle is broken so i have to replace the fuel housing. This is partnumber 1122-350-0816 or 1122-350-827 according to the IPL. My question is when i would take the carburetor housing off , i would be able to fit it onto...
  8. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 066 flat-top cylinder cover w/compression release

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for a decent flat-top 066 cylinder cover with the hole/cut-out for the compression release. I'm building a period-correct short-case poly flywheel saw from the '96-97 era. I've got cash and trade. Thanks!
  9. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl 660 crankshaft

    Hey Guys - I need an OEM 660 style crank for the poly flywheel. I started a build only to realize that my case is for the newer crank with the poly flywheel. I got tons to trade and cash. Thanks!
  10. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 066 (old-style) starter housing - New Old Stock

    Hi Guys - I'm looking for a new old stock 066 starter housing for one of our new members - MC_Gunny (Cody). Cody bought my nice rebuilt older 066 and wants to dress it up with a new old stock starter housing. He just needs the housing as all of the internals are brand new. Cody was great to...
  11. jacob j.

    SOLD Stihl 066

    Hey Guys - I've decided to put this nice old 066 up for grabs - this is from the era just after the "Red Light" saws, so likely around late 1993/early 1994. It's a metal flywheel saw with the upgraded (13 big end roller) OEM crank. I built this in the early days of the pandemic - The carcass...
  12. ManiacalMark

    FOUND IT Old Style Center Tag 066 Starter

    Like the title says, nothing too beat up, paint doesn't matter.
  13. jacob j.

    WANTED Thick old-style 066 starter

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for one of the thick old-school 066 starters. I'm heading into another old 066 rebuild and have everything but the starter. I have literally tons of parts to trade or cash. Thanks!
  14. ManiacalMark

    WANTED 066 Top Cover 1122 080 1606/ 1122 084 0901

    Looking for a late model flat top 066 top cover. Lighter orange and has the plastic badge not metal. NOS or really good used shape. TIA
  15. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl 064 or 066 brake handle

    Hey Guys - This is a long shot I know - I'm looking for one of the old 064 or 066 brake handles for the straight 3/4 wrap handle. The 064 part number I believe is 1122 792 9105, and the 066 one is 1122 792 9106. I have tons of stuff to trade and cash. Thanks!
  16. ManiacalMark

    SELLING USA-Madsen’s 064/066 3/4 wrap

    For sale or possible trade for other 1122/1128 stuff. Tank just for representation. Has Stihl handle grip on the main part and original USA grip whatever that stuff is. Has extra holes that were drilled in it and some old paint. Make an offer
  17. ManiacalMark

    SELLING Dual key 066 flywheel and Winter filter cover

    Dual key 066 flywheel, no broken fins. Early 066 or 064 winter filter cover in pretty decent shape, make an offer.
  18. J

    Thinking of modding a 066

    So I have been tinkering with the idea of taking a BB'ed 066 with popup piston and doing some more interesting modding. 1. An 070, 090 carb for saws 105cc+ 2. A reed box and custom intake (No blow back and better fuel air mix with more pressure through the transfers) 3. Opening up the ports...
  19. 066 redeye

    Case Halves

    Using different case halves (066 small tank).YES/NO/PROBLEMS. Main AV mount broken on original. Cheers,Chris.
  20. jacob j.

    FOUND IT Stihl 066/660 Meteor cylinder

    Hi Guys- I'm looking for a new/used Meteor 066/660 jug for a custom project. I just need the jug. I have cash or lots to trade. Thanks!