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  1. BonScott46

    HELP! Tillotson HE-20 and HE-22 way too much tension

    Picked up two new tillys for my 036 and 361. Mounted the HE-20 on the 036 and there is wayyyy too much tension on the throttle plate mechanism. The throttle linkage is bending and the throttle plate opens less than half way when the trigger is fully engaged. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Wonkydonkey

    Looking at my 1996 Stihl 036 top end

    Today I decided to look at my 1996 stihl 036, I must have had it 5yrs and only changed exhaust because it was to restricted. It was a pea shooter type I will get the part number later The oil pump had a leak so that got changed, I’m guessing because of the last owner using old engine oil. i...
  3. BonScott46

    SELLING Stihl 036 parts lot

    Selling everything in the pictures as a lot, all OEM parts with the exception of the muffler spacer. All used parts are in good to excellent condition. 200 shipped Paypal F&F. NOS clutch NOS S-style fuel line NOS Gaskets and seals NOS Muffler spacer 034-036? NOS oil cap 036 pro style nylon air...
  4. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 036 PRO Builder: UPDATED

    Stihl 036 PRO builder complete minus crankcase and bearings. Comes with everything else needed to rebuild your 036PRO. Aftermarket parts are zama carb rebuild kit, meteor piston, caber rings, cross performance air filter. Jug is OEM MAHLE and will include original piston, but I had planned to...
  5. BonScott46

    Real world weights 036/361/064

    I am layed up sick so I decided to weigh muh saws for the betterment of society with bar/chain, full gas and oil...no pics so you guys are just going to have to take my word for it. Early 036 non-pro - 18 inch Oregon Prolite, paper thin empty can AM muffler, small inner dawg - 8kg/17.6lbs...
  6. redline4

    Stihl 036 rebuild

    I did a search and didnt come up with a build thread for one of these, so I figured I would give it a shot! My goal is to hopefully have it up and running by new years, but seeing as time and money will dictate most of that, we will see. Now, bear with me. I'm a car guy, new to the saw world...
  7. M

    Tape on ground wire?

    I have had an 036 I been using every once in awhile, had to shut it off by choking it. Decided im gonna trade it and another saw for a dirtbike. Wanted to figure out why it doesnt ground out(?)/shutoff. Took the starter cover off and there was tape around the piece that plugs into the coil, and...
  8. TreeLife

    60cc saw opinions

    Good evening! I work for a logging company and the saw I use currently for cutting brush, topping, felling small trees and all around work is a muffler modded 036. Now this saw is in good condition and was very lightly used before we obtained it. The owner and I are friends and we have been...
  9. Stump Shot

    The biggest German conspiracy against America since WWII

    Today being the anniversary of the battle of the bulge(1944) had me thinking when working on the oil line for the 036 that maybe the Germans were not over it, and have decided to retaliate, as this is one most messed up things I've ever seen on a saw, everything else pales in comparison. I would...