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Jan 14, 2016
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I didn't, but I lived In the shadows over there of All the so-called experts. I hated how someone would argue with you about something they know nothing about other than a real quick Google search to make themselves look like an expert. The best was people would try to explain the way something works and they've never worked with or even touched one and everything they're saying is completely wrong and you know this because you own the very thing they're trying to explain to you. I really despised the way someone would tell you why would you want to do that or you can't do that and I always felt like saying why I want to do that is because I have no money and I can do it. I was always taught can't means don't want to. And trust me I teach my kids "Can't means don't want to". I'm glad that OPE started and it's a good group of people.