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Official Fundraiser Thread for Lillian (AlfA01)


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Mar 8, 2018
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I'm fundraising to cover some legal costs associated with my daughter's custody. I've been selling some saws lately, but I'm still falling significantly short of what I need to get proper legal help. The lawyer's retainer fee is $7500. I've raised about half of that selling off my saw hoard. And, basically those guys won't lift a finger without having been paid in full.

It's extremely difficult for me to write this and I'm not keen to ask for money. I won't go deep into details, but I'm trying to get full custody of my youngest daughter, Lillian. It has been discovered she was living in a situation of severe alcoholism, abuse, endangerment and neglect. She was threatened not to tell, but thankfully, intervention gave her the power to tell her story so we could remove her from that situation.

Helena (my wife) and I would like to offer her a chance at a better life, free of that kind of negativity.

Please don't feel obligated to donate. Prayers and positive energy are more valuable than donations....

Connected with this fundraiser is a GIVEAWAY. Several items have been donated by our generous members here on OPE. Please PM for details to get signed up for the giveaway. Giveaway Date: 31 August, 2019

Giveaway Items:
#1. Ported MS500i (Donor pays shipping)
Here is the thread about the saw. MS500i I ported myself and it runs pretty darn strong. It pulls a 36" bar with RS chain buried no problem. I've ran about 20 tanks through it so it's pretty well broken in. It has the R-model or West Coast clutch cover with 1122 series dogs and a roller chain catch. Also comes with a new 25" ES Light bar and 36RS chain--.063 84DL.

#2. Stihl 056AV Super PHO donated by Dale @kfd518 (Winner pays shipping)

#3. Stihl 048AV PHO donated by Dale @kfd518 (Winner pays shipping)

#4. Plumb Single Bit Axe fully restored donated by Tim @Cat 525 (Winner pays shipping)
Restored head with burned and finished handle.

#5. MS261C-BM with tool-less chain adjust donated by Norman @nohoff (Winner pays shipping)
Stock low hour saw.

#6. $150 Gift Certificate to CCC's eBay store donated by Dave @Definitive Dave (Contact Dave for details)
Dave's stuff is the beez kneez.

#7. Mild Modded 181/281/288 muffler donated by AlfA01 (Donor pays shipping)
These are Asian mufflers from HL Supply. Modded with 20mm stainless tube outlet.

#8. Wild Modded 181/281/288 muffler donated by AlfA01 (Donor pays shipping)
These are Asian mufflers from HL Supply. Modded with 25mm stainless tube outlet.

#9. 20, 24/25" Tsumura L&T bar of winner's choice with matching Oregon EXL chain. donated by Curt @usmcbuckwild (Donor pays shipping)

#10. One loop of race/ GTG chain donated by Cole @Armbru84 (Donor pays shipping)
Preferably 60DL 3/8 .050. Cole will work out details with the winner.

#11. 4 loops of new Stihl RM 3/8" .050 chain up to 28"- winner's choice of length donated by Clint @Time's Standing Stihl (Winner pays shipping)

#12. 25" ES Light bar and chain .063 84DL 3/8 donated by Oisin @Nighthunter (Donor pays shipping)

#13. Dolmar PS-5105CX donated by Andrew @ajschainsaws (split shipping)
This is the non easy start with low profile recoil.

#14. 18-piece metric drill bit set donated by Wilhelm @Wilhelm (Donor pays shipping)
These are outstanding drill bits whole and half sizes.

Best of Luck in the Giveaway. Link to fundraising page: https://gogetfunding.com/help-us-bring-lillian-home/

Many blessings to all of you--the May Family.
IMG_20190802_103836.jpg IMG_20190802_103850.jpg IMG_20190802_103907.jpg

056AV Super

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May 13, 2018
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I’ll give a bit of info on those two saws.
048, has been updated to modern universal Stihl ignition. Has NOS crank, bearings, seals, impulse, fly wheel, coil, av, oil pump, clutch drum with rim.
Brake is fully operational. Has a used but good shape 048 super piston and cylinder with new caber rings. The difference in regular and super was port timing only no larger displacement.

056 has NOS crank bearings, seals and piston and rings as well as pin bearing. Piston does have a small scuff.
I believe I replaced all of the AV with NOS but some may be farmer TEC.
Both saws have manufacturer carb kits in them. I haven’t hardly used either since rebuilding them.
A72DF259-E334-4696-9BCE-89479A2A1E01.jpeg B6F75416-4560-4D9B-A11F-BD6679AF78CA.jpeg C2692595-DB08-4344-B00A-AC21BA0DA375.jpeg As you can see they are not beauty queens but they are both sound builds and should make good working saws. The 048 isn’t quite collector quality but it’s not in bad shape at all.


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Sep 18, 2018
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Dan I think this is you if not I apologize I am not sure, but mate I know where you're coming from I went through this a long time ago my heart bleeds for you I hope you get all the best you can get and mate that axe reminds me of an old plum axe that was stolen out of the back of my ute 20 years ago good luck with the whole lot mate you are a champion good luck to you and your children......