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Aug 6, 2021
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Hi woodsmen,
Time for my review input. I sent an MS660 2008 year model to Kevin LaVanway a few months ago. This was a great find. The saw was inspected by Kevin and found to be in nearly new condition. Shortly before this my work 660 had been stolen so I was in the market.

I supplied new oem stuff, gaskets, seals p/c, crankshaft, bearings, intake boot and impulse line. Being a former novices' milling horse, I was worried it was going to be internally beat. After he worked it over, he communicated his findings and we discussed how to do the porting. He was very professional, honest and sent photos of his progress at each step. To

He salvaged the p/c and worked in the " extra sausage " without having to do any major parts swapping. Man that saw is a screamer now! It is incredible how much more the saw is putting out now. More power, super responsive, and the torque rocked me off my stance the first couple of cuts.

If you are looking to get the most out of your 660, Kevin is the go to guy. I highly recommend you chat with him. He is down to earth and knows these saws. He will speak honestly with you and educate you on the process. I look forward to this monster lasting me a long time and making the big bucks. He also offered to answer any questions and concerns during the build and after I took possession of the saw. Now that is top tier customer service. Stihl could learn something from this guy.

Kevin if you read this, I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, honesty, and product you have produced. I am over the moon about my new thoroughbred in the shed. It was definitely worth the wait.
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