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Dec 28, 2015
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what's with those 3 things in the first pic? i thought landscapers pulled weeds? lol just kidding jug :smile: great work, i'd hire you but you'd have to pay your own transportation. let me know.
Actually those 3 weeds died.believe it had to do something with the neighbors heard of cats using that bed for a litter box.:teeth: Ass hats not only moved in and brought 50 cats to put dead spots in the yard but also built a house 4 ft from the property line and cantilevered the house right over it.
Yeap i try to do good work.been landscaping for going on 18 years now.this property has been around 16 years.used to be 450-500 bags of mulch every two years.needs mulch now but i don't have to do that.the boss calls in a landscaping company.all i do is spray for weeds,mow and water.replant when something needs replanted.