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tree monkey

  1. Stump Shot

    Tree Monkey

    Just got back my new Stihl MS461 woods ported by @tree monkey . What more can I say about the legend, there was no doubt he was going to build me a great saw. So when I was looking over my saw hoard, there were a bunch of other builders there and none from Scott, so when I came into an...
  2. huskytime

    I killed my Tree Monkey 066 in 6 cuts

    My 066 arrived in the mail the other day. I bought it from trooney who said it had about a half hour on it since he got it back from Tree Monkey. I strapped on a 28" bar and chain and it fired up on the 4th pull. I filled it with husqvarna bar oil and the fuel was non ethanol 92 octane mixed...
  3. tree monkey

    ported 288 husky for a guy named sue

    hope he likes it
  4. Redbull661

    Testing Torque with 661s yesterday

    was having some fun testing torque yesterday on 661s. 41" cannon - .404 RS full comp. wood - oak stock 57.1 sec snellerized - 43.2 sec tree monkey - 28.9 sec ...who needs an 880 anyway? :pesas:
  5. tree monkey

    my 2153

    i'm trying to rebuild this build thread from AS hope this goes better then my first attempt I will be as detailed as possible. the saw is a new in the box 2153 deluxe. (heated handles) so we start by...
  6. Redbull661

    Tree Monkey 661

    ...down at Tree Monkey's trying out the latest tweaks on my 661 Scott is doing for me. Stock 661 41" bar .404 RS full comp 118dl (Times are in the title of vid.)
  7. idiotwithasaw

    How to use and read timing degree wheel?

    I have just purchased a timing wheel because I want to see what some of my saws are setting at. And I may in the future decide my hand at this fad I've heard called porting. So how does one go about both setting one up. Then get some readings, then understanding those reading. Please feel...
  8. tree monkey

    monkeyed up 2188

    I like to get everything I can out of my way stock port numbers
  9. Sarahdodgegeek

    Another save by Treemonkey (Scott)

    It's not the first time, and I somehow doubt it will be the last.... About 2 months ago, after listening to Mr. Dodgegeek go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on about wanting a 288 husky, I decided a Treemonkey'd 288 sounded like a pretty good Christmas present. So, on the hunt...
  10. Magic_Man

    Let's see some piped saws !

    Title says it all, let's see um, vids if you got them. After years of running motocross nothing sings to me like a well tuned 2stroker on fat expansion chamber.
  11. tree monkey

    i'll show you mine if you show me yours

    how to vids that is:)