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stihl 044

  1. B

    STIHL Iso 044 fuel tank assembly

    Looking for a fuel tank assembly for my 044 Had a log fall on it early this week. Facebook group guys said to check here
  2. sledneck22

    Stihl 044 10mm… reuse cylinder?

    I got this 044 that I want to rebuild and use for firewood and play saw basically. I took the cylinder out and it burned up because of what I think was carbon build up and lean conditions. There’s some chips from the carbon at the bottom of the cylinder. The rest of the scoring is minimal...
  3. Saw_Squatch

    Reseal Leaking Oil Tank Quick Fix

    I don't know how many people have tried something like this but it seamed to work like a charm for me. So the video pretty much tells the whole story but to summarize, the gasket around the oil reservoir on my 044 was leaking oil slowly all winter and since I just recently did a rebuild on it I...
  4. Scott Laflamme

    Stihl 044 Mystery--HELP

    I am currently working on a Stihl 044 that will idle but dies on WOT. Below is what I have done /discovered. --Replaced crankcase gasket --Replaced crank seals --Replaced fuel line --Replaced air filter --Replaced fuel --Replaced spark plug --Cleaned and Installed carb kit --Pressure tested...