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  1. jacob j.

    SOLD McCulloch Super Pro 125c

    Hi Guys - Due to some significant recent family issues, I'm gonna be selling off some saws. First up is this very nice, fully rebuilt Mac SP-125c. The "C" designates a chrome-bore motor. This started life as a box of nice parts I got from a member here years ago. One very lucky find on this was...
  2. jacob j.

    Product Review - Traverse Creek replacement intake boots for McCulloch

    Hello Men - A long time and well-respected member sent me a couple of replacement (re-pop) intake boots to try that fit the McCulloch CP-125, SP-105, SP-125, and SP-125c. These intake boots will be available from The Duke© on the Traverse Creek website. First off, rubber parts on these old...
  3. jacob j.

    WANTED McCulloch 125 parts

    Hey Guys - I'm looking for more Mac 125 parts - namely a couple cranks, ignitions, and one thick starter shroud. Very generous members have already stepped up and helped me out on my quest to restore the old saws my dad, uncle, and grandpa had and I really appreciate it. I have rebuilt modern...
  4. jacob j.

    WANTED Wide McCulloch SP-125 handlebar

    Hey guys - I'm looking for another one of the wide McCulloch Super Pro 125 handles. I'm going to build a hybridized SP-125 gear-drive saw of some sort later this winter. I have tons of Mac saw and kart stuff to trade. Thanks!