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  1. slackinoff

    SELLING O-Rings & Oil Pump X-Rings - For Husqvarna & Jonsered

    Hi! Thanks for looking, prices are at the bottom. These are all Buna-N products, the o-rings, x-rings, and double lipped crank seals. I personally have had great luck with them on my saws and are very high quality. I have three kits available. See below in bold. Also take a look at the pics of...
  2. Definitive Dave

    Stih chainsaws oil seal installer cheatsheet

    Includes many models with PTO and Ignition side drivers as well as install sleeves. there are a few empty spots on the chart for models such as the 028 and a few recent models like the MS661 Allows cross reference to see which models use the same tools.