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  1. Firewood Hoarder

    Homebuilt Bandsaw Mill

    Thought I would share some pictures of my Father's homebuilt sawmill. It is built around a Briggs 16hp V-twin, and will cut logs 14' long and up to 24" in diameter. He began building it about 2 years ago, and has been milling logs for about the last 14 months on it. I saved an ash tree crotch...
  2. Lightning Performance

    Building a place to sawmill logs

    As the title suggests, lumber and live edge. The type of mill going there really does not matter imo. 10x30 footprint. It will be post and beam or timer frame hybrid. Expensive plates, fasteners and anchor systems will not be used. Post or bent in the ground. Ten foot on centers for the posts...
  3. Kensie1988

    Louisiana Forest Festival April 2019

    Good evening ladies and gentleman. i don’t normally ask too much of people because that just not who i am, but i need some help and guidance. Winn parish Louisiana has been the heart of the Louisiana timber industry for decades, 39 years our forest festival has been around and of something isn’t...
  4. J & L Creations

    My new Sawmill Design

    Hello guy's. Date is 3-5-17. I have started building another sawmill. Have cut out the wheel well back panels and fenders, shaped and primed them. Ordered and received parts such as wheel hubs, axles, tires and wheels, acme threaded rod and nuts, a winch, flange bearings, pulley's and an 18 HP...
  5. jb-chainsaws

    Turbomill Chainsaw powered swing mill

    Just posting to see if anyone else has a turbomill chainsaw powered swing blade sawmill, as I'm in the process of buying one and having it shipped from NZ this month. @Brewz do you know anyone on your little island that has one? As I think they originate from your neck of the woods ;) I'll do...