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  1. L

    Partner 5000 or jonsered 590 top end

    Looking for a partner 5000 or jonsered 590 closed port cylinder and piston
  2. Kensie1988

    PAST Louisiana Forest Festival April 27, 2019

    I am posting this here to try and drum up competitors for our chainsaw competitions. The competitions this year are April 27th, so a little over a month away. The classes are: Stock Appearing 3 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 4 Cubic Inch or Under Stock Appearing 5 Cubic Inch or Under...
  3. A

    SELLING Stihl 041 farmboss

    200$ New engine gasket, factory oil pump, carb kit, fuel line, and fuel filter.
  4. Kensie1988

    SELLING Used and NOS Mall Saw Parts Lot

    Ken has a bunch of old used and NOS Mall Saw parts just about everything you can think of, but he doesn't know enough about Mall to know what everything goes too, he said there is NOS pistons, condensers, etc as well as other NOS items in boxes not pictured. He wants to sell everything together...
  5. exCanuck

    Cool Mod. Chainsaw or Hand Tool?

    I don't know where to post this tool video. Is it a hand tool, or a chainsaw?
  6. michaelmj11

    Warranty (builders) for a Ported saw

    I posted this question in another thread, one that is already WAY too long, and understand completely how it got overlooked, but thought it worth addressing on its own merit. Would love to hear from all the saw porters. I believe I saw the list as: mastermind, jmssaws, mdavlee, tree monkey...
  7. michaelmj11

    Chainsaw Case/Box/Container for Large Saws

    I have seen a number of posts from people looking for a case or container in which to store/transport their larger chainsaw. Most of the answers were that there really were not any good options; so I did a little research (probably too much) and discovered that Jonsered apparently makes the...
  8. iridevfr

    SELLING Echo CS-4000

    I have an oldy, but still goody. Was the first saw I bought. Runs great. Has a 16" laminated non-roller tip bar on it. I also have a parts saw that goes with it. Only issues I have with it are that the high and low screws on the carb seem to be worn out. Keep having to adjust the screws. Manual...