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  1. hacskaroly

    Husqvarna 576xp - FixerUpper

    There have been multiple threads of saw builds/rebuilds/upgrades that I have learned from on this forum! I have a project saw that I am taking on, so I figured that I would share whats going on with it. This is a Husqvarna 576xp that I found pretty much as you see below. I had to scrounge...
  2. hughtho13

    044 Super Magnum

    I have a blown up 044 super magnum, I ordered a rebuild kit of a 044 but when I compared the old and the new I learned that the super has a 10mm piston pin and the new piston pin is a 12mm. I am looking for advice and any suggestions on where to go from here. I am very new to this field and...
  3. Cerberus

    [dealer/tech-quality] Echo ppt-266(or 266H) guides/diagrams?

    While a user was generous enough to direct-message me with similar-enough Echo pole-saws, which did let me successfully complete my 'Broken-in-half 266 to working-and-stronger-than-OEM 266'(though it is like 5lbs heavier now, w/ all the excessive bracing I did to the shaft!!) \ However now...
  4. N

    WANTED Mini Mac 6 parts needed doing restore

    I'm looking to restore a Mini Mac 6 that my family left for me. It appears to have been dropped and broke the handle and oiler piston rod. The Walbro MDC needs to be freshed up after checking it out. Does someone here have a selection of the parts below to assist with this effort. Everything in...
  5. S

    How much preventative replacements on 200T while saw is open?

    Hi all, my 200T had a piece of crankcase torn out by the chain. The oil reservoir is now leak. Tried to JB weld it from the outside but wouldn't seal the hole. The saw keeps leaking oil when turned sideways chain down. I've a new OEM crankcase halve, a gasket set and a new oil hose. The gasket...
  6. D

    Mculloch Mini Mac 6 Rebuild

    Well, after getting my Stihl 026 into good running condition, I'm ready to start on my second saw. My wife and I picked this up at an auction last year for $6. It wasn't running, so I tore it to pieces and found that the fuel line was completely split in two. Then I boxed it up and haven't...
  7. D

    Stihl 026 not running

    Hello. So I have a Stihl 026 that wasn't running right and after my tinkering isn't running at all. And is now in pieces. Little bit of info on my chainsaw experience. I have none. I am however mechanically inclined and I have taken an interest in this saw. Here's what happened with the saw...
  8. R

    new cylinder & piston questions for 45mm stihl 029

    Rebuilding an older Stihl 029, unknown hours, friends saw I used it 5 minutes idled great, shut off never restarted, starting fluid would get a 1/2 second kick at best, and could hear rubber squeak pfft when pulling cord so i assume crank seals or pan seal let go. The saw is/was in excellent...
  9. Kensie1988

    Husqvarna 350 rebuild

    so I got a Husqvarna 350 for $100 non running as is. I thought it was a decent deal so I went ahead and picked it up. Now I've started tearing it down for a rebuild and wanted to get some opinions on what route to take I see a lot of people building them into a 346xp, I'm leaning towards this...
  10. michaelmj11

    391 rebuild, HELP! Please?!

    Ok, the back story is really long, the short version is, I have this: . And I want this: . . But all I have to accomplish it with are these (plus the normal sort of carpentry tools): HELP?!? Does anyone have a workshop manual? And IPL?