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  1. T

    SOLD Mint ported husky 254 $500 shipped

    I'm looking to sell my mint 254! It has about 10 tanks through it after being ported by @Termitebuffet of zoo city saw's. This think just rips and is only going to get stronger. It's blowing 205psi at the time of the compression test. I would like to get $600 obo plus the ride pho! This saw just...
  2. the GOAT

    My Apologies

    WTH, Everyone else is starting an apology thread. Here are mine R.I.P Olympyk_999 You may be a SKLJ if... My Apologies
  3. Definitive Dave

    My Apologies

    I got a little more wound up than I intended in the PSP thread while helping Statler and Waldorf mock myself and my fellow PSP enthusiasts. I assumed everyone was a muppet fan. No harm or insult was intended and I didn't mean to get Randy all bent at me. In defense of GOAT/Mike I wasnt in...