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  1. Maintenance Chief

    JONSERED Poulan Pro 475

    Poulan Pro 475
  2. BigD461

    SOLD Poulan Pro 655 with BP Cylinder PHO

    Hello everyone, I have a Poulan Pro 655 with I believe the boost port cylinder as it appears to have the extra transfer port behind the piston(I have not pulled the cylinder). I have had the saw for a few months now and anticipated keeping it and fixing the few minor things but life has...
  3. CoreyB

    Working on a poulan pro 5020 today.

    It has husqvarna stamped all over it. Lol. I can say the bar that comes with these are less then stellar. I got one dropped off that "got pinched" and no longer spins right. I got the bar fairly straightened and the nose sprocket moving again. The chain drivers where mangled but I was able to...