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  1. Maintenance Chief

    JONSERED Poulan Pro 475

    Poulan Pro 475
  2. M

    SELLING Lots of k760 parts

    Hello, I have 10+ k750/760 carcasses, i think the only think i dont have any of is right side cases(cracked) and good pistons, i May even have 1 or two fully good cases. Let me know what you are looking for and i will send a pic and price. Thanks, Justin
  3. Billy Currie


    I have a Partner 7000 I am trying to pull the crankshaft into. I have the Husqvarna install tool: 502 50 30-09 for models: 40, 45, 51, 55. My crank has 10mm fine thread and the tool has 10mm course thread. Does anyone know the part number to the Husky tool that has the 10mm fine thread, or...
  4. DavidP71801

    Need help identifying NOS muffler Homelite? McCullough?

    This muffler was on a pallet of NOS parts I recently acquired there were McCullough, Homelite, Partner, Poulan, Pioneer, Shindawia, Echo, and Husqvarna parts so it could be any of them just wanted to see if anyone has seen one. I was thinking McCullough like maybe a cp125 or sp125 based on the...
  5. L

    Partner 5000 or jonsered 590 top end

    Looking for a partner 5000 or jonsered 590 closed port cylinder and piston
  6. timg

    SELLING Jonsered 490/590 Builder W/NOS Parts

    Seeing if any interest in this partial builder. The 490 chassis will need dis-assembled and bearings. There is a spare fuel tank and chainbrake with new band. Other brake has band wear. The starter has a new spring and rope. Saw has fire. It will come with a new oil pump and one worm only not...


    I joined OPE a couple weeks ago after seeing Chainsaw Jim's 357XP Hybrid Build, & thought WOW I need to follow up on this Build. It stared last Fall when I'd Purchased a J-red 2159 with a new OEM Top for my midsize saw. When I got it back to the shop to investigate it further I'd realized the...
  8. Kensie1988

    Budding Chainsaw Collection

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but I am really active in another forum, but I want to start building a good reputation over here also. Since collecting/overhauling chainsaws is my passion I thought I would start here by posting some saws that are part of my small and budding chainsaw...