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  1. M

    arboristsite.com newbie questions

    OK, I know it's weird asking questions about AS on here, but see no alternative. I know a lot of you folks use both sites. I joined OPEForum and AS at the same time. Already own several chain saws, but looking to start milling my own lumber next year and also always looking for tips on keeping...
  2. Cooper264

    WANTED Looking for a ported 56mm cylinder for a MS660

    I have done quite a few ms660 clone builds and I'm interested in learning how to do my own port work. I just started messing with squish and that seems to be going well. Next step is porting and timing. If anyone has any helpful tips or an already ported cylinder that I could purchase to use as...
  3. D

    Stihl 026 not running

    Hello. So I have a Stihl 026 that wasn't running right and after my tinkering isn't running at all. And is now in pieces. Little bit of info on my chainsaw experience. I have none. I am however mechanically inclined and I have taken an interest in this saw. Here's what happened with the saw...