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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD MS461

    Milled and ported, 200psi compression, saw has 30, maybe 40 hours on it. Dual port muffler, 046 coil, new clutch cover. Any other questions just ask. $900+ the ride
  2. BonScott46

    M-tronic conversion ms461

    Wondering if it would be possible. I am not so techy but i figure it would have to be a 661 coil and carb with a suitable flywheel(if there is one)? I am not interested in the 'would it be better' debate, just if it is possible.
  3. F

    Would an MS 461 a good saw to buy

    Just wondering what your experiences of the 461 are, there are still a few new ones to be had, I like the non mt saws, are the AV numbers good on these saws. Do they balance well with the 25 inch factory bar they come with, how do they oil that bar, how much bigger could they pull and oil. I...
  4. muggy461

    462 Cover

    Finally wrapped up my ms461 rebuild. Left it stock, although I plan on doing a simple port/polish, ported muffler, unlimited coil swap, etc in the future. Has anyone tried to put the newer style 462 bar cover with the captive nuts on the 461? Is it possible at all? Willing to swap any parts...
  5. GCJenks204

    SOLD MS461 Arctics

    This is a saw that I sold once, shipped it away and then Canada Post / USPS handled it with great care. Case was damaged, currenly on its way to Randy to have the case half replaced and then will be available to be shipped to you. More updates to follow later in thread. PM with any...
  6. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460/461 Rescue Kit

    Stihl MS460/461 Rescue Kit. $50 shipped in the Continental US not including anyone in the PST or International (will provide exact shipping quote.) PM if you have any questions!
  7. 460 magnum

    SOLD 009 sale or trade

    I have recently taken the saw apart to see what was wrong with is and it turned out the be more than I was want to deal with it needs completely rebuilt so it is being sold as parts $40+ S&H Would trade for case gasket and or seals and bearings for a 576xp and or ms460/ms461.
  8. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl MS460

    I just found a REALLY nice unicorn and I have decided to sell my MS460 Magnum. All OEM & very clean as I hope you can see from the pictures. PHO w/ dual spikes, roller chain catch, decomp plug, OEM HD filter and Stihl Pre-Filter band $635 includes shipping w/ insurance via FedEx Ground signature...
  9. michaelmj11

    WANTED Stihl 461 or 460 in a box.

    I'm looking for a Really low priced 461 or 460, something that is going to need a bunch of work (and thus be REALLY low priced).